17 thoughts on “Miracles Can Happen”

  1. We can dance
    We can dance
    We’re doing it more and more
    We can dance
    We can dance
    Everybody look at your hands
    We can dance
    We can dance
    Everybody’s taking the cha-nce
    It’s safe to dance
    Oh well, it’s safe to dance
    Yes, it’s safe to dance

  2. Killing Heigan? $15 a month.
    Killing Heigan while still being alive? $32 for Dance lessons.
    Killing Heigan with your pet still alive for most of the fight without you dying?
    1 gold for food and drink after fight.

    /dancing On top of his rotten, good-for-nothing, maggoty corpse?
    …Priceless. +$15 dollars a month.


  3. So you had everyone survive and almost halved your previous best time!? Amazing! Next thing someone will be telling me that keeping dps alive makes stuff die faster!

    Congratulations 😀

  4. So not only did you live……but everyone else did as well? Teach my guildies a thing or two! We’ve done the fight each week for the past 2+ months and still some special person seems to think the slime will just happen to “Miss”….

  5. @ Farkwad – we are using the same ISP according to the e-mail I got of your comment. I have no idea why that amuses me, but it does. x_x

    @ Nadie – I’ve survived Sarth, yes, as of a few days ago. Four Horsemen too. /flex

  6. horseman is a fun fight, my first time on him was in 10 man, i got to solo heal/tank on the backside pair. it was a case of just … “stayin alive!” till the cavalry came in.

    now in 25 man, we burn down the first corner during one heroism then work on the other three at our leisure.

    boomkin casting wrath/starfire > boomkin in elf form casting heals on self.

  7. Most excellent! I would love to hear your tips on how you did it AND on how you kept Wash alive throughout (most of) the fight!

  8. Grats on that achievement. Both times I’ve been in there with my guild I’ve watched 4-5 of my guildies finish him off in tedious, but epic fashion. Usually half the raid goes down within about 3 minutes.

    Someday we’ll get it. :-\

  9. ROFL…….Pike? Massive Gratz! We knew you could do it….even when you thought you couldn’t.
    Gunsnbutter on Uther

  10. Gratz Pike. It’s also so helpful in that fight when you’ve got a shaman with that disease cleansing totem for the the tank and melee.

    I got that achievement before myself but cheated cause of there used to be a corner where the lava never hit that you could use for a while until it was patched in 3.0.8

    Don’t think my groups have gotten close since.

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