And now all those dailies are going to be thrown into the pile of quests that I liked the concept of but were camped and farmed into oblivion and I never want to do them again. Like that wolvar pups quest for the Tuskarr. I thought the idea was adorable and silly (does that make me a horrible person?) but I got so sick of people swooping out of the sky and grabbing your pups that I haven’t done the quest since exalted. Same deal for most of the Sons of Hodir dailies. Heck, I gave up on the Blowing Hodir’s Horn one way back at friendly. Got better things to do than sit around for thirty minutes while druids swoop past me in flight form and moonfire tag everything from the sky.* =P

Oh, and for all you people that seem to get to my blog by Googling “Sons of Hordir”, because someone misspelled it in a comment once… it’s Hodir. No extra “r”. You’ll get more results if ya search for Hodir. *nods*

* Don’t hurt me, boomkins! /cower

17 thoughts on “FINALLY”

  1. I did the same. As soon as I hit exalted, I stopped doing the quests. They are fun the first couple times, but things can’t stay fun if you are doing the same thing every single day.

    Income has sort of frozen now though 😛 I do a whopping two dailies a day now, for Hyldnir (still no bear :'[) and Cooking.

  2. Same here. only i have another new 80… And thinking of leveling inscription so i don’t need to do hodir

    Still hunters can tag from the sky as easily as druids. Arcane shot off the mount. We’re as fast as anyone else out there and much faster than some, especially if we spec into hawk eye.

  3. Grats on finally making it! I have a LONG way to go before I am done with these but I can tell you the second I am exalted they will be going in the trash with the other quests I’ve done all too much.

  4. Grats! I hit it on Thursday and did a little dance. The Horn quest was never much of a bother to me after they fixed the spawn rates a while back, but the Spear quest drove me up a wall with two straight weeks of constant failures. Then, after a certain Tuesday, I was able to complete it. Whether they hotfixed it or not I am unaware, but it certainly made Exalted feasible! 🙂

  5. Gratz!

    You must be on a crazy server, on mine I have only been attacked by horde once during dallies. There is usually a decent amount doing the dallies, but they are all pretty nice to each other. Icecrown dallies are almost empty.

  6. Gratz to exalted!

    I am struggling with these dailies as well on my shaman and I have yet a long way to go to exalted. And then I have another alt, and another…*curses this alt-itis of mine*

    With the Aldor/Scryer grind there were at least 2 slightly different quest series to go through.

    I think I’m gonna cave in and buy my way to exalted with the hodir relics from th AH soon. Who needs a Traveller’s Tundra Mammoth or motorbike anyway, eh? 🙂

  7. I’m 5 days away and I just can’t force myself to finish it.

    It’s like my brain is screaming at me like Keristrasza – “Finish it! FINISH IT! Get exalted, or I swear, by the Dragonqueen, you’ll NEVER see a raid spot again!” – but I just… bleh.

  8. I got exalted with Hodir before they fixed Thrusting Hodir’s Spear. Now THAT was a pain in the rear grind. Grats on the exaltedness, it was and is still a long grind.

  9. I’m guilty of moonfiring from the sky. ^^;; Don’t hate me! It was so crowded getting those dailies done that I just had to tag things as fast as I could so I could get out of there and back on my way.

    I’d actually take hilarious amounts of fall damage going from mob to mob because whatever I took would be worth it if I tagged the mob.

  10. I doubt there are any ruffled feathers pike, most of the boomers i know (myself included) are a fairly laid back bunch.

    For some reason, I was a lot more high strung when I was feral. But then I did a lot of druidic HALO jumping. (High Altitude Low Open), as a druid does fall faster than they can fly. I would circle at high altitude, spot me a critter that I wanted to attack, and turn off flight form. I would pop back in at the last moment to stop my fall, then go cat and prowl before hitting the ground. usually in the perfect spot to pounce.

    I’ve mellowed out since hitting 80, usually only in flight form to steal herbs.

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