Coming Out of the Raid Closet

I am the stereotypical DPSer that every healer hates. I am the person that gets made fun of in trade channel. Who am I? I am Pike, and…


There. I said it.

Maybe it’s a graphics thing. I haven’t been able to see any bridges in the game, for example, or several building skins, since patch 2.2 or thereabouts. I’ve plummeted to my death in Thunder Bluff more times than I can count.

Maybe it’s a me-being-an-idiot thing. Hey, it’s more likely than you may (or may not?) think.

But whatever the reason, I cannot see these supposed waves of fire and lava that everyone else and their pet monkey can see.

My name is Pike, and I die on Heigan and Sarth.


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  1. …you can’t see bridges? Or the walls of fire or the plumes of acid?

    Have you tried reinstalling? Upping your spell detail? Upgrading your graphics card?

    These are not normal things to be experiencing, hon. x.x

  2. Me too! I cannot see those waves of fire and/or lava.

    Man, I got so frustrated and felt soooo stupid. Until I recently saw my husband fighting Sarth on his computer. O M G! There are really waves! And holes! And lava! And one can really see them before they hit you… It actually all makes sense.

    But… I cannot see them on my computer. And it isn’t my fault! Yay! 🙂

    My tactics for surviving: Stick to one person who knows when to move and just move move move. 😉

  3. @ Tchann and Grimtorn – WoW has been reinstalled several times, computer has been reformatted, spell detail is all the way up. Graphics drivers are up to date as far as I am aware though I may have to look into it.

    @ Jarla – wait, there really are waves and holes and lava? You mean it’s not just a dream? I can hardly imagine it… it must be so nice… >_< So glad you and I are not alone though!

  4. What graphics card are you using? What fps do you usually pull? What’s your ram? I’m trying to figure out what the hell could be keeping you from seeing this stuff – following *can* be an option, but only if you have next-to-no latency and the reaction speed of a clairvoyant bunny.

  5. Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT
    RAM: ’bout 1gig
    FPS: Not sure off the top of my head but it’s nice and smooth. Latency typically 100 or less.

    I’m running the game in OpenGL (Linux, ya know!) if that makes a difference.

  6. I suddenly experience the no bridges problem on my desktop. I was on my Horde account and running through TB when it looked like I was about to jump off the side. I double checked my map and got seriously confused. Booted up my laptop and bridges were there.

    It wasn’t even a “they have never existed” problem, it’s a they “existed up until an hour ago uhmwut?” problem. I’ve scoured the internet for a solution, but I’ve yet to find one. I’m sure if I did the raids, I would be dying all the time as well. 🙁

  7. OpenGl may make a difference.

    For instance there’s a bug currently where the pointer disappears if it is over ‘sky’. Which can make clicking on action bars that happen to be over sky at the time, difficult…

    So it’s possible there are other problems that affect OpenGl users only.

  8. I think you need one of the new Seeing Eye Dog spec pets they are bringing out in patch 3.1 They have a skill that yanks you in a different direction when you’re about to walk off Spirit Rise for the 100th time.
    Either that, or you need someone to be your guide. Follow your raid during the fights, and get someone to /follow (hold their hand) while walking around towns. A legally blind hunter isn’t safe. She is both a danger to herself and those around her. Think of how many times you might have shot Tux and not known!

  9. Hrm… I don’t think it’s likely to be the OpenGL, because OSX uses the same software (I see these effects just fine on my MacBook Pro). Although, it’s not quite OpenGL, but Apple’s implementation of OpenGL, to be exact… perhaps the game hooks into a few things that are only in the Apple version, and that’s what is causing trouble.

    My only advice is to have your raid mark someone who knows what they’re doing, and stay *infront* of them, rather than behind them, to mitigate the lag problem (though, I’m sure you’ve tried that, too ^^;; )

  10. Actually I’ve the same problem, and it’s one of my problems with linux+wow.

    When I first logged in on this, fresh installation of Ubuntu+WoW the whole WoW place seemed.. Bigger and there were lots of free space.. And unfortunately lots of invisible obstacles.

    Anyways, I didn’t have this problem when I was running WoW-client that was installed through Windows. I assume that WINE+Wow-installer could miss a few files or something.

    I had to reinstall everything after video card driver messed some firefire stuff.
    I haven’t got my WoW working the way I want on linux though.

    I suggest you should try to use those Open Source 3d drivers if you’ve a ATI card.

  11. @ Parsley – I use nVidia. This happens to me on Windows too, though to be fair I just copied my whole WoW folder over from Linux, settings n’ all.

    @ Leiandra – This post is all about being proud of dying a lot, regardless of reason. For all I know it’s not a technical issue and I am just very blind. That wouldn’t surprise me. =P

  12. @ riffraff – wait, is the green stuff what you’re supposed to be avoiding? Cause it always just looked to me like it was completely random and popping out of nowhere (usually on top of me) so I assumed it was something more predictable people were talking about. /is fail

    I stand my ground on Sarth, though, I’ve yet to see a lava wave. Unless I’m similarly blind.

  13. Well can’t help you with the vision thingy, but I too would always die within the lava waves 🙁

    Until one day, (I think they felt sorry for me really – “Top DPS, but can’t walk”) Soo…the raid leader marked himself and I pretended to do the two step(country dancing) behind him, I mean so close you can see the crease in his pants. And it goes like this:
    One Two Three Four Stop (123) – rinse and repeat
    1 2 1 2 1 1 Stop (123 say it quick in your head)
    these are the actual counts for each number spelled out

    Well GL and hope this helps 🙂

  14. Well can’t help you with the vision thingy, but I too would always die within the lava waves 🙁

    Until one day, (I think they felt sorry for me really – “Top DPS, but can’t walk”) Soo…the raid leader marked himself and I pretended to do the two step(country dancing) behind him, I mean so close you can see the crease in his pants. And it goes like this:
    One Two Three Four Stop (123) – rinse and repeat
    1 2 1 2 1 1 Stop (123 say it quick in your head)
    these are the actual counts for each number spelled out

    Well GL and hope this helps 🙂

  15. Hi Pike, I strongly recommend this humorous and educative Heigan “dance” video:

    For Sartharion, there are two safe zones: middle of the room if Lava Wall comes from right (as seen from the entrance) and sides of the room (the two red stripes on the ground) if Lava Wall comes from left. The picture below illustrates it very well:

    The green arrows are the Lava walls. That’s all there is to it 🙂

    If you do Sarth + 1,2,3 drakes up, set your spell detail to lowest, you will only see Void Zones and Fire Wall, perfect for surviving.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

  16. Pike-Yea, the green stuff that shoots out of the floor in bursts in Heigan’s room is what you’re supposed to avoid when he teleports onto the platform. /Safety Dance ftl

    The only time I die to that stuff is when my mouse bugs out when I’m trying to turn and I end up spinning the camera. I hate my mouse so much.

  17. I’ve had no problems with my 7900 on XP, but it certainly sounds like it might be an open gl thing. Maybe try a completely fresh install on XP and see if you have the same problem. That would at least tell you something.

  18. You’re not alone Pike. Although I do ok on Heigan and Sarth… I die to the Frogger boss at least once per raid /sigh

  19. @Pike–Didn’t I link you to that video of that terribly, horrible shitty belf warlock who recorded the fight? Heigen really is one of those “can’t win until you’ve seen it done” things.

    Though personally, I think most raid leaders are UTTER FAIL at describing the fight.

  20. I agree with LS, it’s a very hard fight to explain. Its beauty lies in the execution.

    It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike. Once you learn, you never forget.

  21. *clears throat*

    My name is Tessy, and I occassionally live on Heigan and Sarth.

    (Mainly due to me being a healer, so I can toss a heal or two on myself when those lava/fire thingies hit me. And I do see them so I can’t even blame that for my constant dying.)

  22. Have you updated to a newer version of your OS (last I read I think you were using Ubuntu ver 6.10?) My wife runs 8.10 and has no problems with that sort of thing. Of course, she hasn’t been living on the dances until recently.

    By the way, if you know you’re gonna die anyway, and you can get your raid leader to okay it, dying at the very beginning of Sarth is supposedly a very easy way to get the “Gotta go when the Volcano Blows!” achievement.

  23. Theres a really simple way to live on heigan pike, here goes:

    1) dont pay attention to what anyone else is doing.

    as you enter the room take a look at the ceiling, theres a pot held up by some chains attatched to the walls, these sections are exactly the width of the goo sections on the ground.

    the section of the room closest to the door you entered by is ALWAYS a safe point at the start of the dance phase so run and stand there (your guildies will probably be stacked)

    wait for the green goo to shoot up out of the ground, now heres the thing… the goo only damages you if you’re standing where it comes up at the EXACT moment it happens (the spell effect doesnt actually hurt you at all since its not an aoe or dot).

    what you want to do is stand in your safe zone and the INSTANT the goo shoots up you run straight into it (ignore other people), you’re now in the next safe zone, wait for the goo to shoot up again then repeat the previous step until its time to come back across the room.

    The main reason some of my guildies died alot on the past was they were relying on other people moving as their queue to move… when you’re an aussie playing with 200-600ms that basically means that by the time you see them move you’re already afew seconds behind…

    For sartharion (if you cant see the waves) have your raidleader mark one of the “reliable” people and just stick to them like glue or alternatively have them call “back, middle or front” for where the gap is. Unlike heigan you seem to be able to use guildies movement as a queue on that boss 😀

  24. Tuesday i survived the dance for the first time. I usually don’t have any problem with Sarth tho. I don’t even bother to look for the wall, we have 3 people designated to holler over vent which side it’s coming from, when they yell left or right, I do what is required. The way we do it, the ranged all stand on that little glowing rivulet of lava. (which is the safe spot if the firewall is coming from the south (left)), We run forward to the boss’s hind leg if the firewall is coming from the north (right). The only times the wall gets me is if I happen to lag during a wall phase.

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