Lemme tell you all a quick story.

Way back in the day when I was like, oh, level 25 or 30 or so and first stumbled across BigRedKitty… he did a lot of talking about a little weapon called Legacy. How much he wanted it and how long it took him before he finally got it. I was still a newbie and knew very little about this game but I knew that this must be one heckuva weapon. I started seeing other hunters with it and thinking any hunter who had it must be one epic hunter. How I longed to be an epic hunter someday like that, but it wasn’t ever gonna happen, I was sure, because I was never gonna see Karazhan.

So all this time, ever since I was level 30, I’d longingly inspect those Legacy-sporting hunters, certain they’d forever be out of my league.

This is a happy day in Hunterland.

Edit: Well, I wound up doing even more gear-switching than I thought. I finally equipped my [Violet Signet] (I am 2% of my rep away from Exalted, by the way) to make up for the Hit Rating loss I got from equipping Legacy. Then I went to put my badges in the bank and discovered that you can only have a stack of 200 badges and I had 201. So I splurged and bought [Scaled Drakeskin Chestguard]. Next stop: Choco-Bow. In the meantime, buffed only with Aspect of the Hawk, I have jumped from 538 to 560 agility, from 1659 to 1705 attack power, and from 24.66% to 25.21% crit.

It has been a good day.

20 thoughts on “Ahem.”

  1. Oooooh Legacy… pretty, though I can’t help but notice its not glowing green yet!

    Congrats on the nice loots Pike!

  2. Gratz on Legacy. I have been running Kara longer than I would like to admit. I have only seen Crone once….and of course she did not drop Legacy. Once again…Gratz!

    Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther

  3. So it is, my bad, I thought that was just the funny light in Stormwind, can barely tell unless your looking for it, well in which case I have no complaints!

    Well… except its not in my hands *cough*

  4. Gratz. It’s a fine axe but the difference for me was I was going from Crystalforged Waraxe so this was just a straight upgrade as the Sonic Spear never dropped from Murmur for me.

  5. Grats Pike!!!

    It looks great on you!!!

    Man Wolfslayer Rifle and Legacy allready – you rock!!!

  6. Funny thing is, Legacy dropped the first time I entered Kara. Sad, that I didn’t won the roll 🙁 It never dropped since then. But I got Wolfslayer-thingy yesterday so I have no doubt that it will drop again the next 100 Kara-runs ^^

  7. Congratulations on Legacy! After months of running Karazhan, my poor hunter never managed to snag the axe; the one time it dropped, an Enhancement shaman from my guild won it on an open-roll. Since the rule of the raid was roll if you wanted it, I sadly found myself wanting to wring his/her/its neck.

    What’s the next piece of awesome huntery loot on the list?

  8. @ Cynra –

    Attumen’s necklace (name escapes me at the moment), the Beastmaw Pauldrons and the T4 helm are what I’ve yet to nab out of Kara– to be honest I’m in no big hurry to get the latter two because they would break my Beast Lord set bonus which I love to death. But, they are a few of my remaining blues, so…

  9. Yes, the day Legacy finally drops and you know its yours….priceless! Whatever you do, don’t look up Trollbane. Don’t do it!

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