Armory Data Mining has some fun info on hunter pets. Now some hunters are all into having what everyone else doesn’t have– you know, so when Cataclysm comes out and everyone is running around taming everything, you can say you tamed a pet when it was still underground– so I figured I’d go through, figure out which pets per family had been tamed by less than 1% of hunters with that type of pet, and list them here. There are really some underused jewels here. So without further ado:

Bird of Prey:
Dark Brown Owl/Brown Crow: 0.8%
Red Owl: 0.3% (Why?? This thing is awesome. And can’t you solo Sethekk now?)

Orange Leopard (aka Travel Form): 0.7%
Lioness: 0.1%

Ghost Crocolisk (No longer tamable): 0.4%

Red & Purple Ravager: 0.2% (Another awesome color combo)

Red Scorpid: 0.6%

Green Spider: 0.8%
Tan Spider: 0.4%
Olive Spider: 0.4%
Jungle Spider: 0.3%

Dark Gray Worg: 0.7%
Ghost Wolf (No longer tamable): 0.6%

Brown Worm: 0.9%
Green Worm: 0.3% (Best worm skin by far, you all are nuts! *nod*)
White Worm: 0.3%

Hit the link for the complete lowdown, as well as a list of pets with unique properties as opposed to unique skins. But now you at least have a start if you want something new and different.

15 Responses to “Sixteen Rarest Hunter Pets”
  1. The best worm skin is the ghostly worm, IMO. :P

  2. duskhawk says:

    Why on the Red Owl? Because that’s the friggin’ Skettis birds that kill you when you’re trying to do dailies up there. They get no love from me. :P

    (More probably, because the tameable ones are inside an instance.)

  3. Hana says:

    My hunter alt’s pet for life is Buttons the carrion bird, which has the very simple black carrion bird skin. He was tamed in the wilds of Mulgore and has stayed with her since.

    I think I’ve only seen one other hunter using one.

  4. Fluffy Wumpki says:

    They could be given a constant +5000 AP aura, and I still wouldn’t tame a spider. They’re the only pet model that squicks me out.

  5. Shintar says:

    Uh wow, I didn’t even know that hunter pets were included in the armoury. Shows what I know.

    And I guess nobody should be surprised to find out that the “rare” skins are actually the most common ones and the common ones are the ones nobody bothers to tame. :P

  6. thebitterfig says:

    Yellow/Orange worm, the one who’s only available as a rare spawn in Dustwallow or Silithus. That’s one sweet worm, IMHO.

  7. Jezi says:

    I have the Dark Gray Worg skin. Camped Old Cliff Jumper for about two weeks on and off. Only one other on my server, that I’ve seen. :)

  8. Icesnake says:

    Yeah, *that* Icesnake.

    Just found this blog, and apparently you haven’t been back all that long, so my timing is good (I still miss Big Red Kitty even though I didn’t have a hunter when he was active). Love the pet info, I may have to go tame something interesting (King Mukla turns into a mundane ape when he’s tamed, for anyone interested).

    So, since neither of my hunters is 80 yet, this seems like a good time to ask; other than trying to decipher the in-crowd jargon an Elitist Jerks, how do you figure out a good rotation for hunter, without spending hours playing with the target dummies?

  9. Bamos says:

    That’s pretty cool. I especially like the white vulture; I can see why its so popular. I actually walked all the way to Auberdine, and caught the boat to Azuremyst at level 10 (on my Orc) so that I could have a moth all the way to Outlands :p I got a few comments on it; it was kinda cool.

  10. Ardprest says:

    BRK is still there, doing a mix of Cata and humour as usual. I’ve missed this blog though so I hope it’s coming back for real.

  11. Watermist says:

    Hmm, the “coyote” version of wolves are pretty rare, at only 2%.

    Awesome! That wolf was the first pet I ever tamed way back in 2005, and over those last five years, he have had been my main (and my most beloved).

    It’s nice to know that Howler isn’t exactly common. :D

  12. Shagrat says:


    None of the specs have a set “rotation”, they have a priority.

    BM-Kill Shot, Arcane Shot (1), Multi-shot, Serpent Sting, Steady Shot
    MM-Serpent Sting, Kill Shot, Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot (1), Steady Shot
    SV-Kill Shot, Explosive Shot, Black Arrow, Serpent Sting, Multi-shot, Steady Shot

    Kill Shot can only be used when the target is sub-20%.
    1-Arcane Shot is used in BM/MM priority until a certain gear point. Basically, once your Steady Shots start hitting harder than Arcane, you can drop Arcane. (extremely simplified explanation) Still keep it handy for when you’re moving. SV doesn’t use it because it shares a cooldown with Explosive.

    My favorite pet is my LSD wasp, followed closely by my red spider. Spider I tamed was the giant elite one in Terrokar.

  13. Kit says:

    Nice post, Pike! I’ve got so many hunters, but most aren’t even 20 :P I do have an 80 and another that’s 68, so maybe I can tame some of these pretties with our expanded stables in Cata :)

  14. Jack Brown says:

    Tikal, my Swamp of Sorrows jaguar has been with me since I was high enough to tame one. :)

    A pretty much abandoned lowbie hunter has one of the male lions from the Barrens, named Tsavo. Yes, I have a weird sense of humor.

  15. Gorman Ghaste says:

    I have the olive spider on my baby WHU hunter–it’s a gorgeous skin.

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