With Apologies to Weezer (Warning: Image Heavy Post)

(For best results, please play this song as you read this post.)

Pork & Beans

Starring: Tawyn & Wash (Sometimes in a Wolf Suit)

And Co-starring Classy Water Elemental, Felguard, Lonely Unholy Death Knight Ghoul, Moonkin, and others…

30 thoughts on “With Apologies to Weezer (Warning: Image Heavy Post)”

  1. I always had a bit of trouble with the lyrics on this one, partially because I always thought the song was a bit meh.

    I don’t think I’ll have that problem anymore.

  2. Listening to the song with it really did help. The images really gave a very Pike feel to them, and I hope I’m reading into it right, but you [Hunters] don’t have to follow everyone else if you don’t want to, just do what you want to do. c:

    I adored the other assorted pet cameos. <3

  3. @ Trinia – it is primarily an homage to anyone who has ever loved an “off-season” spec. The cameos were deliberate because frost mages (water elemental), demonology warlocks (felguard), unholy DKs (ghoul), and boomkins are sort of considered odd specs out at the moment.

    Plus, they were the cutest to draw. So it worked out. ^_^

  4. ZOMG you have just surpassed everything in the OMGCUTE index. That was all kinds of awesome.
    It’s too bad that if you had your own cartoon show you’d have to pander to some kind of a network or something.

  5. Mad props to you on this post, Pike.

    I could not agree more with the message: “I’m fine and dandy with the me inside!”

    – Aenur of Hydraxis

  6. Pike, that was SO much fun! You are wicked talented and so creative. We who are fine and dandy salute you!

  7. Ha! I love it. Especially Big Red Wash and Big Red Pike in panel 26.

    (Although, I think unholy DKs are the flavor of the month these days. Still good, though.)

  8. EPIC post.
    The music link just adds so much to it also. 🙂
    And yes..my hunter is still and always has been BM.

  9. <3 that.

    And also, you chose the off-specs that are the pet-centric variants. That entertains me much that you chose them for the off-specitude as opposed to the pet-centricityness.

  10. That simply made my day.

    When read through as the song plays, the pictures depicted what the song was going for flawlessly. In what very well may be the cutest fashion ever.

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