21 thoughts on “This is Gonna Take a While”

  1. @ Clayton – I am running it on Wine, and it runs flawlessly. Nice and smooth, no bugs, less graphical glitches than I encounter on WinXP.

    I leveled my first character from 1 to 70 having never once logged into anything BUT WoW on Linux/Wine.

    And I’m proud of it!

  2. My pally and I are currently working our way through TNG from start to finish (again)…If you’ve gotta do a marathon, it’s a great choice!

  3. @ Morkuma – xfce isn’t bad. Though I always go back to KDE after I play with it for a while. (Every other desktop environment I’ve ever tried, in fact, sends me running back to KDE… *shifty eyes*)

    @ Kia & Taz – now that I’m thinking about it, I really DO have to get a TNG marathon going… hmm. Party at Pike’s place?

    @ Brandon Tilley – KDE for life. It’s never let me down. Unlike, uh, certain others. *sings “We Didn’t Start the Flame War” and runs away*

    @ krizzlybear – OH SNAP

  4. Picard > Kirk. There. I said it.

    And while the first couple of seasons each had their gems (“The Battle”; “The Neutral Zone”; “The Measure of a Man”; “Q Who”, to name a few), I daresay that the third season is really where the show got going.

    It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite episode; even a top ten would be extremely difficult.

    WoW, herps, Next Generation… I like you more and more with each post, it seems. 😀

  5. TNG is win. I’d gladly join you there. <3

    *finds her first season DVDs* 😀

    Hope your download finishes soon, by the way. The downloader is always worse when you're awake anyway. When I did a full installation (for Windows mind-you) from the internet downloader from Blizzard, it took maybe half the night and it was done. *shrug*

  6. Haha, that’s terrible! I remember when I got my new laptop and tried downloading WoW on it, I set it to download before I went to bed, and it was 6% in the morning. 🙁 No fun at all.

  7. Late to the party here, but ME ME ME ME ME!!!! I wanna come to the TNG marathon!

    Riker = first remembered childhood crush. 🙂

  8. Pike, I just had to install windows 7 on a new SSD, and that included a new wow install.

    Instead of running the install from the wow window – I downloaded the 1.5Gb patch directly from a gaming website – far quicker than than the streamed version that wow does.

    I found mine on ausgamers.com.

  9. I have a better idea. In fact, I’d say it’s pure genius! Let’s just watch Firefly, followed by Serenity! You know, they have the movie on Netflix’s Instant Play!

    /bounds over to her desktop!

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