There Was One She Still Missed, Part Two

(Continued from Part One)

The Outland.

There were few that remained here now that most of the action was going on in Northrend. Oh, there were some armies still stationed here, and the younger adventurers cutting their teeth in this gods-forsaken land. But for the most part, there was nothing to be seen…

…except perhaps a bright pink raptor wreaking havoc on the moths in Terokkar Forest. And his subsequent containment by the Cenarion Expedition, who proceeded to bring the now caged creature to their main base of operations in Zangarmarsh.

“What do you make of this… creature?” Warden Hamoot asked Kameel, the Stable Master, as he gestured to the raptor furiously thrashing about behind bars. “He does not appear to be like anything else I have seen in this area…”

Kameel nodded. “He is native to the Wetlands in Azeroth,” he said in his deep voice. “How he got up here, I don’t know, but he does not belong here, and so long as he stays I do not think he will be happy.”

“Happy?” the Warden chuckled and lightly scratched his back with his mace. “When we found him he was terrorizing the creatures of Terokkar, they are the ones who only wish to be happy. But you are right, my friend, we must do what is best for this animal. There is a fear in his eyes, and I believe it may be driving him mad, if it hasn’t already. He should go back to the Wetlands.”

“The quickest way would be to take him to Shattrath and through the portal to the dwarves’ city, Ironforge,” replied Kameel. “From there, it would be a relatively short trip by cart to his native land.”

Warden Hamoot shuffled his hooves. He didn’t like using the portals, they relied too much on arcane magic in his eyes, and he was glad that this time he would have a good excuse to not have to use one. “Obviously you and I shall not be able to make the trip to the dwarves’ city, not with the Alliance and Horde still at odds as they are prone to be. You and I would clearly… raise a few eyebrows, so to speak, if we went. But one of our Night Elf colleagues, perhaps…?”

Kameel voiced his agreement and the two tauren went about deciding who the best representative would be as the raptor once again attacked the bars of his cage, letting out a shriek that sent the nearby sea birds soaring away.

“Tell that blasted thing to shut up!” the dwarf banged his gun against the bars of the cage, which only provoked the raptor further as the Night Elf druid escorting it tried to calm both of them down. “Why’d ya bring this thing ‘ere into Menethil Harbor anyway, boy? Couldn’t ya have just left it outside tha town?” the dwarf continued to thunder.

“I– I worry about being alone when I release it, just in case–”

“Bah, we could use less o’ those beasties around ‘ere anyway. I say we end the thing.”

A woman’s voice yelled something out in Dwarvish, and the dwarf yelled back “Dearie, ye can’t take away mah gun. It’s a dwarf’s solemn right to have a gun in one hand and an ale in the other–”

Simultaneously the woman snapped something back; the Cenarion escort said “Please, I’ll handle it,” and the raptor screeched out to the heavens as the curious Night Elf hunter approached. The boat from Northrend had landed and was soon to depart, but no commotion was going to take place without Tawyn’s investigation, whether or not she might miss the boat. A druid and a dwarf were rather feverishly discussing something, she observed, and in a cage was a brilliant magenta raptor…

He glanced at Tawyn. Tawyn blinked.


In an instant the raptor’s screeches took on a more pleading tone and Tawyn was at the cage. “Let him out. Let him out!” she roared, and it was somehow a bestial enough threat that the dwarf backed away and the druid fumbled at the lock without question.

The padlock fell away and the small crowd that had gathered tensed. The raptor, now quiet, slowly padded out of the cage, off the wooden cart, and up to Tawyn. The hunter reached down and gently stroked his head without a second thought. “What’s wrong, boy…?”

Still, he was silent. Tawyn stared searchingly into this eyes; there was pain therein. Not physical pain though– he had seen something. Something bad…

She thought about how she’d released him in the Outland. Perhaps, on second thought, not a good idea. So much chaos up there–

“You,” she looked at the druid. “What were you doing with him?”

“We– the Cenarion Expedition– found him far from his home, and he was not happy. We were simply bringing him home, to release him here. That is all. I hope I did not interfere with anything…”

“No,” Tawyn smiled thinly. “Thank you for thinking of what was best for him.” She looked down at the raptor. “You’re home now, and safe. Go on now.”

Wash stood his ground; clearly he wasn’t intending to go anywhere. There was still pain in his eyes, but something else too…

He wanted to help.

Tawyn realized what this meant, and nodded. Then she turned and headed towards the ship to Howling Fjord. Wash followed.

“Where are you going?” asked the druid.

“Northrend,” replied Tawyn.

“And why are you taking… him?”

“Because… we are partners.”


And with that the hunter and her pet got onto the boat, and sailed away into the mists.

(The End!)

42 thoughts on “There Was One She Still Missed, Part Two”

  1. /sniff

    Your story inspired me to make room in my stable again for the pets that I leveled with, the original Murr, a tiger, and Fluffy, my Feralas bear. I brought my Outland wolf Killswitch…I’m almost ashamed how quickly I dumped them for the “big new thing”. Thank you for righting my ship! 🙂

  2. What? Wait, huh? No! That can not be (The End)!!!!

    He needed help! Help with What? Come on, T…you’ve just got the beginning of the story. Don’t stop now!!!!


  3. /cry!!!

    I think I have to go back and find Legz, my Tallstrider from when I was leveling up. He was such a good pet, never let me down. Always saved my butt in the craziest of circumstances. Alas I released him to his home when I tamed Sian-Rotam. I was a one pet man back then and hated the thought of leaving my pet to stable masters.

    I’m coming for you Legz!!!

  4. I had a similar story with my Lynx. I had abandoned him at level 38 or so to tame a panther, and regretted it pretty much instantly. As soon I was 70 I went back and tamed him again.

    I love stories about the connection between hunter and pet.


  5. In west duswallow I was tamed and raised
    In the outland was where I spent most of my days
    Clawin and rakin and boostin my attack
    And gankin some critters with the rest of my pack
    When a couple of hordies who were up to no good
    Starting makin trouble in my neighbourhood
    I got in one lil fight and it got out of hand
    I was released my hunter in the hills of nagrand

    I rampaged in shat and when the cenarion came near
    They threw me in a cage with a dice in the mirror
    If anything I can say was this treatment was severe
    so I yelled “dammit Tawynn get me outta here!”

    She pulled into shat about 7 or 8
    And yelled to my captors “yo homes smell ya later!”
    I looked at my master
    She was my bestest friend
    I took a boat up north, and became the Fresh Raptor of Northrend!

  6. Brought tears to my eyes of all the pets I released. Hate having to release a pet. Wish we could have an infinite number of pets.

  7. When I quit WoW my last act was to put away my Ravager, and take out Rex, my Durotar Tiger, who’d been my faithful companion for 60 levels. I fed Rex, give him a hug and a pat, and then I logged out.

    The little toy dog is covered with dust,
    But sturdy and stanch he stands;
    And the little toy soldier is red with rust,
    And his musket moulds in his hands.
    Time was when the little toy dog was new,
    And the soldier was passing fair;
    And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue
    Kissed them and put them there.

    “Now, don’t you go till I come,” he said,
    “And don’t you make any noise!”
    So, toddling off to his trundle-bed,
    He dreamt of the pretty toys;
    And, as he was dreaming, an angel song
    Awakened our Little Boy Blue—
    Oh! the years are many, the years are long,
    But the little toy friends are true!

    Ay, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand,
    Each in the same old place—
    Awaiting the touch of a little hand,
    The smile of a little face;
    And they wonder, as waiting the long years through
    In the dust of that little chair,
    What has become of our Little Boy Blue,
    Since he kissed them and put them there.

    “Little Boy Blue” by Eugene Field.

  8. Krizzlybear – you win. I’m not sure what you win, exactly, but rest assured you have won.

    Mirshalak – I look forward to it ^^

  9. Wait! I’m confused. Was Twayn the hunter who originally released Wash in Outlands? What I loved the most is that I’m currently in Terrokar Forest and only recently did the quests where you had to kill the moths. I loved the story and the settings. All those places I have frequently visited.

  10. /sob

    I miss my original panther, Mohinta… and my white owl, Elania. And my black owl, who was also elania. But I released them all.


  11. The first pet I released and missed was Bagheera, formerly Bhag’thera the black panther boss in STV.

    I had him from STV to Ungoro and released him in Winterspring.

    I can’t go through STV on any character without stopping by to see how he is doing.

    /sigh I have been playing the druid too much.

    The hunter in me begins to stir again….

  12. Why oh why won’t Blizzard give us a bigger stable? Heck make the extra slots 1000 gold each I don’t care just give me hope of keeping all the pets I love and cherish. Please Blizzard pretty please.

  13. For the last four years, as MM and certain pets’ reputation was low, I absolutely refused to release my first pet, my beloved wolf Howler. He was there every single level I grew on Watermist. Occasionally, I would go play around with a few pets, including a raptor that I got up to loyalty level 4, but I would miss Howler far too much and always take him back out of the stable. Now, with two extra stable slots, I actually finally met another pet who I suspect that would grow to be as dear as Howler is – Flutter the moth. I have this weird policy of refusing to let go of the first pet on all my hunters (may it be a boar, cat, moth, bear, crocolisk, or wolf)… it’s always the first pet that is the main pet for me. 🙂

  14. My White Lion, Gèki , is in love with this touching story ….he told me to also say Hi
    and My lost Black Raptor , Kazè , is back where he belongs thanks to this story

  15. I travel to, with a raptor from the wetlands, he’s bright green and goes by “Oy” (Dark Oy is his full name). What a wonderful companion.

    I stumbled across your blog here from the link section in/on/at BRK’s website. I’m bookmarking you…excellent work!! I shall be visiting again!

  16. I think you’ve also inspired me to write a new story, of how a young Dwarven Hunter braved the wilderness of Azeroth and Kalimdor to tame not a black Lion, but a Black & Gold Tiger. I wonder how interesting I can make it.

  17. Bah! He’s a flesh eating dinosaur. His betrayal, though sudden, is clearly inevitable!

    (quickly throws a noisy coffee can as a distraction and runs away)

  18. grr, it’s a raid night and i should be on my druid, but i wants to work on my hunter.. My dwarf hunter’s blades edge raptor “spike” is about to chew through the door on the stable.
    My nelf hunter’s companion shelldon (southshore turtle) is calm and happy tho, long as he gets plenty of shrooms.

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