Old Banner Plus Color Equals…

New site banner! Basically I just took the old one and had one of my sisters color it in with color pencils. Then I had one of my other sisters and my brother help me use Photoshop to snazz it up (would you guys call me crazy if I told you today was the first day I have ever used Photoshop? For real. I use GIMP, baby. But the computer here has Photoshop instead, so!)

Anyways, I rather like this one because it combines the old “Hunter Kindergarten” motif of notebook paper and a scribbled sketch, with some color. I think it turned out well. Hopefully you guys like it too!

25 thoughts on “Old Banner Plus Color Equals…”

  1. I like it a lot! When I was waiting for the header to load, it was wondering if you’d replaced it. I figured it should have been cached by now as frequently as I come here. =)

  2. Looks rather snazzy, methinks.

    How many sisters do you have, by the way? You seem to just pull them out of thin air, and have them produce some nice WoW stuff!

    GIMP all the way! -thumbs up-

    …Except my friends laugh when I tell them what my graphics program is.

  3. @ Faulsey – I am the oldest of six kids; I have one younger brother, and four younger sisters. The youngest of them is 9 years old.

  4. Yay for colours!

    I kinda miss the “Hunter Kindergarten is in session” Tagline though…
    But the new one speaks the truth. It IS a lifestyle.

  5. @Klin – I may be looking too far into this, but if you think about it, “It’s not just a class, it’s a lifestyle” sort of cleverly fits with the whole idea of school. Kind of. Suggesting Pike is not just teaching a class, but a lifestyle.

    I’m sure it just means the obvious, but, shh! I’m trying to sound clever here.

  6. Color Pencil? Why not crayon? 😉 The big, fat 8-color box kind… We are talking “Hunter Kindergarden” afterall. 😀

  7. Nice! You managed to hit a good note for your website……you’re is one of the first places I send hunters how ask me about playing better…..good job and thanks!

  8. Your sisters, as always, do excellent work. It’s quite a talented brood you’re working on my dear.

    I agree with Klinderas though, the old tag line was better. “Hunter Kindergarden is in session” is a clever reference to a unique feature of a blog, and hooks up well with your particular writing style. The “it’s not an X, it’s a lifestyle” tagline has become so overused in the last twenty years that I honestly can’t say I even know what it means anymore. It is sans a meaning.

    *recieves a transcript informing him that two cents has been deducted from his account.*

  9. @Faulsey RE: The GIMP

    While I didn’t do it personally, a trusted associate of mine with contacts in the printing industry once brought the GIMP to a professional graphic designer. The kind with a degree from a university, who does work in the field of Graphic Design. Said Graphic Designer spent a little while fiddling with GIMP, and said that it had every feature that he needed in an image editing program.

    So anybody who laughs about GIMP being less awesome than something like photoshop or that nonsense is clearly more impressed with the pricetag of a thing, than the thing’s actual ability to function.

  10. @ Farkwad – Blue is the site theme, I like to keep it consistent!

    @ LS – I tried the Hunter Kindergarten one. It didn’t look right. And I couldn’t come up with anything better. But now I have to remake the banner… x_x

  11. @Pike

    I know you like getting your hands dirty and whatnot, but I could take a whack at it if you like. Not to redesign the banner at all, just to try and find a way to make the old tagline fit on the page a bit better.

  12. @ LS – to be quite honest, I never really liked the old tagline personally, I mean I liked the idea but in the end it sounded rather blasé to me. I’m not overly fond of my new one either, but I do like it better, and it was the best I could come up with on a limited timetable.

    I like the idea of having several different “taglines” and using a different one each time I make a new banner (once every few months, I actually have several from the old blog that I wound up not using.)

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