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Five Best Things to Come out of Warlords of Draenor

I know, I know, this expansion is probably the most controversial one yet.  But there was a lot of stuff I liked about it, at least.  Here’s my list:

1.) Garrisons

I am going to defend these til the day I die.  Fantastic for social anxiety stricken players like myself, and also fantastic for being money printing machines.

2.) Reagent Bank

I love this thing so much.  It was such a little thing but it made a gigantic difference when it came to quality of life and saving bagspace.  Related: reagents stacking to 200, and being able to craft right from the bank.  Gosh this was a great idea.

3.) Heirloom Tab

I remember back in Wrath of the Lich King when starting a character on a new server meant running heroics for days so I could get the badges to buy an all new set of heirloom gear, stick it on a new character, and then pay real money to transfer said character to a new server.  I mean, I guess you didn’t HAVE to do all that, but heirlooms spoiled me quick, and I’m so glad that it’s easier than ever to be spoiled.

4.) Twitter Integration

As anyone who follows me on Twitter can attest, I love sharing screenshots of video games.  Now I can share EVEN MORE screenshots of video games!  Bwahaha!  Anyways this has spoiled me a lot and I now wish that all games came with Twitter integration because it’s just so great.

5.) Timewalking

I’ve talked about this a million times before and I’m talking about it again because I love it.  The great thing about it is that it’s optional and nets you some neato mount rewards but it’s not required for progression, so people who don’t want to do old content don’t have to.  But for nostalgia hounds like me?  Bring on the rose-tinted glasses!


Updated character models, bag improvments (like the sorting button), and an overall improved dailies experience (IMO).

So yeah!  The quality of life changes have been good to us this time around, I feel.

What’s This?

When it comes to WoW, I’m feeling a bit like Jack Skellington right now.  How so?  Well…


What’s this?  What’s this?
Pet Battles everywhere
What’s this?
Garrisons over there

What’s this?
I can’t believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up Pike
This isn’t fair
What’s this?

What’s this?  What’s this?
This isn’t how it’s done
What’s this?
The expac is still fun

What’s this?
The game is lined with
The new models laughing
And the game just feels so happy
Have I possibly gone daffy?

I want to know, I want to know
I want to know, I want to know


Hmm… Warlords of…. Draenor…?

I dunno you guys.  I definitely don’t want to make any promises but this is the first time since Wrath that I feel like I might be around for more than just a few months…


But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.