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Five Awesome TBC Stat Sticks For Your Upcoming Survival Transmog

So Survival is gonna be a melee spec in Legion, eh?  Well, I don’t really plan on respec’ing, but I am glad I’ve got all my old favorite stat sticks squirreled away just in case.

What’s that?  You want to know which ones I’m talking about?  Alrighty then: Pike’s list of her Five Favorite TBC Stat Sticks.

Sonic Spear

sonic spearSonic Spear was the first item on pretty much any fresh 70 hunter’s list, and for good reason: it was just about the best thing you could get until you were halfway through Karazhan.  Having one of these suckers meant you were serious about getting into heroics and raiding, and it just looked super cool to boot – especially when enchanted.

Terokk’s Quill

quillThe “alternate” Sonic Spear, Terokk’s Quill was especially great for Survival hunters with all of its agility.  This is because back then Survival hunters had a raid buff called Expose Weakness which scaled based off of the hunter’s agility, so you wanted to stack it.  Oh, and like Sonic Spear, it looks super awesome.


legacyA true Rite of Passage for any hunter beginning raiding, Legacy was one heckuva weapon.  It was tough to even see it, because it only dropped from one Opera event (picked at random every week) and then only 22% of the time.  But once it did, you’d be wearing this thing for a long time to come and with its distinctive design you could show off in town that hey, you were doing raids and stuff!

Halberd of Desolation

desolationA drop from the first boss of Black Temple, Halberd of Desolation was a true sign that you were playing with the Big Kids.  The fact that you had to be in a BT-ready guild to get it, combined with its appearance and super cool glowy affects, meant that having one would earn you the envy of all the little baby hunters in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

Shivering Felspine

felspineShivering Felspine is dropped very rarely by Sunwell trash, which made it another highly coveted high-level item.  Its design matched many of the Sunwell gear drops quite nicely, and back in those pre-transmog days it was neat to have a weapon that matched your set.

So there you go.  Five really cool stat sticks to start farming now if you want a neat retro transmog for your melee hunter.  Or maybe you’re like me and have got ’em all in your bank already.  Hey, I knew being a packrat would be good for something!