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You Know Your Main Is a Hunter When…

You Know Your Main Is a Hunter When:

– You instinctively back up and try to get range when you’re playing a caster class (or any other class, for that matter).

– You send your imp in to attack first when you play a warlock, and then wonder why he keeps dying or why he can’t hold aggro.

– You constantly shoot things with your bow. On your rogue. (Ranged Rogues: As bad as Melee Hunters?)

– Anytime you see a cool looking creature you reach for the Beast Lore icon and then get all disappointed when it isn’t there.

– Playing a cat druid or watching somebody else play a cat druid confuses the heck out of you. Because they are tracking humanoids with the track beasts icon.

– You keep reaching for the freezing trap/feign death/wing clip button or hotkey, and panicking when it isn’t there or doesn’t work.

– Not being able to track things makes you feel naked. (You will probably take up mining or herbalism as a profession, simply to semi-compensate).

– You miss having a pet so much that you go buy one of those little vanity pet cats from the Crazy Cat Lady in Elwynn, or a dragonhawk from Silvermoon, and you almost always have it out.

– You do horrible things to lowbie hunters who duel you. Like stand on their toes and not let them have range. Because you know what it’s like, don’t you?

– You feel pangs of jealousy when you see hunters run by with their pets.

– You buff hunters and their pets. Always. (Unless it’s Arcane Intellect). And pets get Thorns if you’re playing a druid. Pets, not the hunters. They need it the most; they’re the ones getting attacked (hopefully).

– You inspect the gear/talent tree of any and all unsuspecting hunters that happen to be standing next to you.

– …did I mention the instinctively backing up to get range thing? People tell you over and over you don’t have to do it, and yet I bet you do it anyway.

– Oh gosh you mean all my minions and I level at the same time?? /squeal of happiness

– You tell the newbie hunter in Deadmines to put their pet on passive and turn growl off and not use Serpent Sting before trapping something and NO DON’T HIT IT WITH YOUR AXE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? /sob Oooh sorry, went overboard there. /blush

Well I don’t know about you guys, but I am guilty of every single one of those points, and probably countless more…

Alts are fun. But I think hunters will always be home.

(That said, I think I’m gonna try leveling a druid. No guarantees on how far I get before Hunteritis sets in again. But I promise I’ll try my best!)

My Boyfriend Made a Funny

“So when a moonkin kills you, is that death by natural causes?”

…and because I don’t have anything else to add to that, really, here is a picture of poor Level-41-Tawyn quite befuddled at some of the strange things that happen in Goldshire sometimes.

You silly druids!

The Hunter Song

A few weeks ago somebody told me that when I talk about WoW, it sounds something like this: “Hunter hunter hunter hunter hunter…”

Anyways that sort of reminded me of a popular flash animation (no not “Badgers”, although that fits too)… so I sat down and wrote this:

“The Hunter Song”
(Based on The Llama Song)

Here’s a hunter
There’s a hunter
And a little dwarven hunter
BM Hunter
Marksman Hunter
Hunter hunter priest

Hunter hunter
Furbolg hunter
Shadowmelding Night Elf hunter
Hunter hunter
Murloc hunter
Hunter hunter priest

I was once a newbie
I made some mistakes
But I did my pet research
So I could tame The Rake

I was only level ten
Couldn’t yet wear mail
Best time for a furry friend
Or feathery or scaled

Did you ever see a hunter
Kiss a hunter
Roll a hunter
Newbie hunter
Expert hunter
Hunter hunter priest

Instance hunter
Raiding hunter
Trapping feigning kiting hunter
Hunter on a mount
Hunting a
Hunter hunter priest

I just love my kitty
And I love my boar
Now I’m out of stable slots
Oh why can’t there be more?

I think that it’s just so fun
To have a big red beast
Maybe I should retire now
And reroll a priest