The Hunter Song

A few weeks ago somebody told me that when I talk about WoW, it sounds something like this: “Hunter hunter hunter hunter hunter…”

Anyways that sort of reminded me of a popular flash animation (no not “Badgers”, although that fits too)… so I sat down and wrote this:

“The Hunter Song”
(Based on The Llama Song)

Here’s a hunter
There’s a hunter
And a little dwarven hunter
BM Hunter
Marksman Hunter
Hunter hunter priest

Hunter hunter
Furbolg hunter
Shadowmelding Night Elf hunter
Hunter hunter
Murloc hunter
Hunter hunter priest

I was once a newbie
I made some mistakes
But I did my pet research
So I could tame The Rake

I was only level ten
Couldn’t yet wear mail
Best time for a furry friend
Or feathery or scaled

Did you ever see a hunter
Kiss a hunter
Roll a hunter
Newbie hunter
Expert hunter
Hunter hunter priest

Instance hunter
Raiding hunter
Trapping feigning kiting hunter
Hunter on a mount
Hunting a
Hunter hunter priest

I just love my kitty
And I love my boar
Now I’m out of stable slots
Oh why can’t there be more?

I think that it’s just so fun
To have a big red beast
Maybe I should retire now
And reroll a priest

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  1. bah! can’t edit comment! I was going to mention, re: badgerbadger, that if you bring a 3 hunters with snake traps to the first boss in Heroic Underbog, you have the entire song right there…

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