I’m Fine With a Lull

So now we have a little while to wait until the next expansion.  How long?  Not sure yet.  But, I can’t lie, I’m fine with a bit of a lull.

I know many people will probably disagree with me, but for a while I actually felt like WoD was going kind of fast.  Oh here’s Highmaul!  Oh here’s Blackrock Foundry!  Oh here’s Hellfire Citadel and a whole new zone!  I kind of felt like every time I got caught up on something, a new thing opened up before I could finish whatever previous thing I was working on.  And you know, that was fine back when I was raiding and doing hardcore stuff back in TBC and WotLK.

But these days, I’m playing a lot more casually.  As such, I enjoy lulls between content.  It gives me time to do casual things (like play alts), or even better, play other video games for a bit.

So yeah.  So long as we don’t get eleven months or whatever the last lull was, I think I’m good. 🙂

(Granted, I am excited for Legion.  Elves!  Elves everywhere!)