All Work And No Play Makes Pike a Dull Elf

Aaaaaahhhhhh I’ve been so busy lately.  Day job work!  Freelance writing work!  Work work!

Relevant. And unintentional, actually, but.
Relevant. And unintentional, actually, but.

Finally it’s time for some video games though.  I think I’m going to continue leveling some of my alts in WoW (I’ve got three that I’m cycling through who are in their mid-60s!), try to actually get some FFXIV done, and work on my new seasonal wizard in D3 (because I can’t stop playing wizards now).  There are other games I want to play but they’re not a top priority so we’ll see how things go.

So yeah, them’s my weekend plans!

Sorry there haven’t been any particularly interesting posts here lately.  Just, ya know, busy.