Another week, another round of…

…lack of flight in Draenor.

I think that a lot of people were expecting the patch to drop this week due to the extended maintenance, but looks like that wasn’t the case.  I’m actually fine with that, myself, since I’m not quite ready for flying yet.  I just haven’t gotten around to all that treasure hunting stuff that I need for that stinkin’ achievement.  Primarily because I’m having fun playing alts, but also because work is slave-driver as of late.

I do find myself idly wondering when the patch is gonna drop and also when the next expansion is gonna drop.  Blizzard has repeatedly said that they don’t want another year-long content drought, and yet if they don’t get the expansion out soon they’re gonna have one!

When do YOU guys think the expansion is coming out?

4 thoughts on “Another week, another round of…”

  1. I’m definitely starting to get pissed at the very long delay on flight, feels like they are just foot-dragging now (“weeks not months” is what they said when they released 6.2…).

    There’s still a long time before the WoD drought would begin to approach the MoP one. And I think that Bliz is very motivated to put this WoD mess behind them*. My best guess is they’ll open beta in the vicinity of Blizzcon and we’ll get the 7.0 patch oh, maybe February with a release in March/early April. That would be about a 9 month gap, which isn’t totally nuts IMO.

    *Of course I said that I thought they wanted to get the flying mess behind them ASAP too, but they seem to be in no hurry to do that, so who knows…

  2. I seem to recall they said they’d hit beta “this year” which puts it no later than December. Typical beta cycle has run 3 to 6 months. Worst case scenario: March to July of next year.

    The very worst case DOES put that at over a year after the last new content, so hope they’re further along than last time. But there’s a LOT to do. Class and PvP revamps, and signs point to another refresh of crafting. O Joy.

  3. I’ve been slowly working on getting ready to fly. I’m sitting at 82/100 treasures now for the treasure hunting achievement and I hit revered with Hand of the Prophet (Vol’jin’s Headhunters) yesterday. Saberstalker rep is going to be a pain in the ass though, unless those reps are also account-wide.

  4. The earliest I could see Legion happening will be next spring. Maybe late spring. I don’t think they can break their slow content cycle.

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