So I logged onto my Alliance character for the first time in months…

…and promptly ran to the wrong auction house door in Stormwind.  Ahh, good times.

CJn2w0DUsAELzjM.jpg largeSo it turns out that good ol’ Tawyn– the first character I ever rolled in this game– has got all sorts of fun stuff in her bags.  Like Dartol’s Rod of Transformation.  The original, not the toy!  Also Blazing Signet, which I have literally been carrying around since Burning Crusade.  I should probably get around to finishing that quest, huh?

So, tell me, my friends.  What sort of junk do you have stowed away in the bags (or banks) of old characters?

3 thoughts on “So I logged onto my Alliance character for the first time in months…”

  1. My hunter saved all his ranged weapons, years and years before transmog was even a thought. Also I have an axe from the last boss in Kara. It’s a strength one, so never used but it looks nice. 🙂
    My bags are my bank is full, but I can’t sell my trinkets… Carrot on a stick…

  2. I know I have a lot of gear from before Transmog was a thing. I think I left just before it was put into the game. I’m sure there’s bunches of other stuff, too, though it’s been years, so I’m not quite sure anymore, lol.

  3. My original Hunter has some interesting stuff tucked away: that’s the one I moved from a Horde PvP server to an Alliance RP one. So some of the stuff probably doesn’t belong to an Alliance character either. I’ll have to have a sort out and see what’s worth mentioning.

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