Three Reasons Patch 6.2 Is Looking Good For Us Anxiety Types

I have talked before about fighting the Anxiety Raid Boss, which is something I’m working on slowly overcoming.  Now 6.2 is still a ways off, so this might be an early call, but I can see at least three things in it that are shaping up to potentially be good news for those of us who continue to struggle with gaming anxiety in WoW.  Here’s what I’m seeing:

1. More Solo and/or Small Group Stuff: This is coming in two flavors: garrisons and Tanaan Jungle.  First, garrisons.  I realize that opinions on garrisons have been somewhat divided, mostly over the “it takes you away from the world” point.  Frankly, though, and I don’t know about you guys, but I like having a sort of “quiet zone” available in game where I can do solo things by my lonesome every so often.  Garrisons are perfect for that!

Next: Tanaan Jungle.  An all new ZONE to solo!  Or duo!  I love duo’ing stuff with Mister Pike.

2. Timewalking Is Hugely Comforting: Scared of trying heroics because you’ve never done them before?  Don’t worry – here are some “heroics” that you HAVE done before!  The idea of doing a dungeon that I already know very well and am familiar with – and possibly getting gear upgrades from! – is really soothing to my anxiety riddled mind.  Some people have been knocking this for being “recycled content”, but some for some of us these are actually going to be a huge enhancement to our WoW experience, whether because of anxiety, nostalgia, or both.

3. Mythic Dungeons, For Those Who Like Smaller Groups: If it’s not the heroics that set your anxiety off, but the raids instead, then Mythic Dungeons are looking to be a great alternative.  Go in with four friends for a smaller and more personal environment that still provides upgrades.

So yeah.  It’s still early, of course, but good things are on the horizon!