I’ve been doing some dungeons and they’re so good holy wow

Yesterday I was on a dungeon where I was ON A FREAKING TRAIN it was like it was really a Western movie or something

And then today I did one with this great boss mechanic where there was this conga line of skeletons and you had to kill one and it was so intense holy gosh.  When did dungeons get good again?  I haven’t done one I’ve liked since like WotLK.

So also I have this now:


It’s called [Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas] and it’s such a good transmog holy gosh.  It’s so good and the jukebox is so good because I have it playing some super pretty music from Icecrown Citadel and transmog is so good and blood elves are even more adorable than they used to be and the dungeons are great.  So basically WoW is really good right now?  Hold me.  I feel conflicted.

One thought on “I’ve been doing some dungeons and they’re so good holy wow”

  1. This was everyone’s reaction when the expansion first hit. Everyone LOVED it.

    These days, the short-attention span crowd is bored and the people who rush through all the content are complaining that there’s nothing to do.

    So take it easy and take it slow. Don’t rush it. I’m still enjoying the expansion, and I have yet to touch some of the fringe activities.

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