A Duo

Lately, myself and my other half, one Mister Adequate, have taken to going back to old content and duo’ing it. The twist is that we’re both pure DPS classes (hunter and mage) so we have to make do without heals and that sort of thing.

Some stuff we’ve done so far!

  • Everything left from Vanilla (Molten Core, AQ20/40, and BWL.  That gimmicky first boss of BWL can go step on a lego.)
  • Karazhan; a full clear took like thirty minutes. (Did I mention that Attumen FINALLY dropped that stupid necklace I’ve been wanting since TBC?)
  • Gruuls
  • Mags
  • 10-man Obsidian Sanctum, with all three drakes up.  Juuust barely.
Yes, that’s everyone dead. Boss included.

Things We’ve Tried But Haven’t Cleared Yet:

  • Sunwell Plateau, because the first boss is trolling us

We’re looking forward to doing the other 70 raids as well as giving 10man Naxx a shot.  I’m not sure if that one can be cleared with our hunter/mage setup, due to various gimmicky fights (Razuvious, I’m looking at YOU), but it’s worth a shot, at least.

We’re getting all sorts of fun transmog stuff, anyway, plus mmmm, all that delicious nostalgia.

Anyone else having fun with old content?

7 thoughts on “A Duo”

  1. I have done all of those… I like to see all the old content. I am waiting till 5.1 to run them again though.. there will be pets attached to all the bosses then. :).

  2. Myself a hunter and a druid friend all but cleared Naxx 10 a few days pre Mists. So it’s certainly doable; if you just look turn a blind eye to skipping said boss :p

  3. I finally hit Kara a couple weeks ago, getting the tour from the venerable Big Bear Butt himself. It was fun and pretty fast… but I can see where it would have been a bit of a lengthy ordeal back in the day. I keep meaning to go solo as much as I can with my Druid, but it’s kinda low priority.

  4. Only dungeons, not raids – so far. I decided to take my 85 DK back and do *all* the Heroic Dungeonmaster achievements that I’d bypassed whilst grinding up. Now I’m doing the same sequence with my Hunter. There’s something about soloing with a DPS class that just feels right… Still haven’t hit Kara but it’s on my wishlist. And next is definitely the full Raider achievement set. Transmog addict and achievement whore – that’s me 🙂

  5. That first boss in Sunwell is flaky as anything. It is possible to sneak around him though, and I expect the rest of it would be doable. Tempest Keep would be pretty doable. You could probably handle the first half of Black Temple fine, but the mechanics on Reliquary will be a problem. Naxx… Razuvious or Four Horseman are gonna be trouble. Have funs!

  6. When I came back to WoW, I did a ton of runs for transmogging gear. I mostly did MC and Karazhan by my lonesome self. In a weekly group, I ran BT and Mount Hyjal for T6 gear. Got the full set for Kadomi, but the Bulwark of Azzeroth is still eluding me. Will need to go back, but yeah, because of Reliquary of Souls not really solo material.

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