The Fabled Owl-Stork Dropped These Off

In celebration of the new Moonkin Hatchling pet I have created these two avatars, free for all to use!

It is surprisingly difficult to take something that is already insanely cute and make it even cuter, but these will have to do!

You are free to use these on Twitter, Gravatar, forums, LiveJournal or wherever else. I would appreciate a comment linking to me if you LJ these, but otherwise just credit me if you are asked and it will all be good!

You can also modify these in any way you wish, so feel free to personalize.

Happy Tuesday/Merry (Early) Christmas! <3

4 thoughts on “The Fabled Owl-Stork Dropped These Off”

  1. Nice job on those. I love them I bought one for me and my wife already, and I actually decided to buy a few extra and will be giving them away via my blog. Should be alot of good times

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