WoW-Related Things I Have Drawn Lately

Stylish Water Elemental

Moonkin in a Lab Coat Doing Alchemy

Most of the comments I have received for the moonkin involve the fact that he is not fat. To which I say, he’s one o’ them super slim geeky types! /nod (Personally I think his left hand bugs me more than anything but hey, I sketched it out in five minutes, so I didn’t have time to go back and fix things! =P )

11 thoughts on “WoW-Related Things I Have Drawn Lately”

  1. At first glance i thought the Stylish Water Elemental was one of those super cute dancing baby murlocs in Org.

    Perhaps that could be your next drawing project?

  2. Welp, you may not like the hand, but the stance and facial expression are total win. Especially the drood face, it’s great! Also, why does the elemental remind me of Muddy Mudskipper from Ren and Stimpy? Must be the eyes or the arms akimbo, not sure.

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