Things I Like Right Now

** Low level LFG! The LFG at 80, right now, is not on particularly good standing with me. Dungeons I’ve done a million times before and groups that are like RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH ZOMG ZOMG RUSH RUSH LET’S ALL MAKE FUN OF THE HEALER AND DPS IF THEY FELL A BIT BEHIND THE TANK ON ONE PULL. Heaven forbid you’re new or an alt and still have a couple blues and people inspect you. I mean sometimes you luck out and get a good group, but meh. Needless to say none of my 80s will be getting “the Patient” anytime soon.

Low level dungeons, though, are awesome. Sure, half the time the groups have no idea what they’re doing and there’s no tank or healer, but frankly I’d take that over “AMG RUSH RUSH GEAR SCORE OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND” any day. Maybe that’s just me, though. Gimme my Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep and Wailing Caverns, please. …okay, maybe not Wailing Caverns.

** My warlock. So did this class suddenly decide to get awesome and fun when I wasn’t looking? I tried about three thousand times to make warlocks and suddenly it clicked, I guess. I just DoT things up, watch my screen fill up with numbers, and cackle when I Life Tap + Drain Life.

I'm in ur random dungeon, toppin' ur recount
I'm in ur dungeon, toppin' ur recount

** Enchanters in groups. I get all excited when the little “Disenchant” button pops up. Even better, my ‘lock is an enchanter, so everybody gets all excited about her being in their group.

** Tower Defense games. This has nothing to do with WoW, but it does have something to do with “Things I Like Right Now”, which is the title of the post. So, nyar!

I have loved Tower Defense games since Starcraft’s back in 1999/2000 when you could find delightful gems like “Tower Matrix D” inbetween all the “$$$$$FASTEST MAP EVER$$$$$” games. Since then I’ve played dozens of Tower Defense games and I <3 them all. Desktop Tower Defense is my longstanding favorite, but recently I discovered that Neopets has one called Biscuit Brigade and I immediately had to throw everything aside and master it.


** Bang Shishigami + Falcon Punch:

** Walking aimlessly around my apartment while wearing a trenchcoat, fedora, and pocketwatch, and pretending I’m cool because of it

** Iron Man

** Did I mention my warlock? Yeah. I like my warlock.

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  1. I loved that my baby druid and friends got to do some dungeons this weekend instead of grindy grinding through Outland quests. Lowbie LFG FTW!

  2. I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for introducing me to Desktop Tower Defense! I’ve been playing TD games on my iPhone and looking for a new one. I had to force myself to to not get sucked into Desktop Tower Defense so I can get some work done. It took more willpower than I knew I had. But I look forward to getting sucked into it soon! 😀

  3. I agree with both the low-level LFG (though that’s all there is for me – my main druid is only 71) and warlocks! My warlock is 29 – up from 21 when the new LFG arrived, most of that through instances. I’m getting sick of RFK, but warlocking really clicked after the first instance I did with her.

  4. I’m leveling a warlock myself, Targahs (clever aint it) over on Drenden. I recently respecced Demonology at 50 (54 now) but I’m thinking about going back to affliction. There’s something about running around and dotting up 8 or 9 mobs and never seeing your HP dip below 50% that’s strangely satisfying.

  5. funny….i went FROM a warlock to a hunter 🙂 grass greener and such i suppose.

    and yeah, i had tons of fun just dotting on the run collecting ears in borean tundra. yay?

  6. I share your lack of enthusiasm for the level 80 LFG. I don’t have much problem with my hunter, but my poor newbie-80 mage ends up in tears every time. I haven’t tried it on my lowbies, though.

  7. My priest us getting eating up in the new LFG system, thou I didn’t ry it on my main ( hunter of course) or my lowbies alts.

    And I made the mistake of getting tap defense for the iPhone, and that really didn’t help my general productivity.

    And in an unrelayed note, first tome saying hi, after following at tweeter. So hi 🙂

  8. I get all excited when the little “Disenchant” button pops up.

    Me too!

    In fact, it kinda made me want to be an enchanter >.>

  9. Low level LFG. Hell yeah! You get some good, you get some awful, you get some hilarious, but then you always did.

    Thing is now, at least for my shammy healer & bear tank I get ’em *immediately* minus all the faffing. Is awesome fun, though am getting a bit sick of Maraudon now I’m in the 40’s…

  10. Plants vs. Zombies is an awesome tower defense game published by PopCap. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. Its just for PC/Mac now, but they plan on releasing an iPhone version. Sooo addicting!

  11. I agree, I’m really liking Low-level LFG (But am beginning to detest it at 80 for reasons I’m still not exactly sure of… People not hitting the targets I mark might be doing it for me as a tank.) However, 40s and Maraudon. Wow. Twice had Orange Crystals (I think!) bug out with the “worm-spitter,” and it just wouldn’t die. However, even healing on my Priest as Shadow was amazing.

    Keep topping those DPS meters with your lock! 😀

  12. Yeah, I haven’t had too much trouble with my Hunter, but when I started the x-realm pugs, I was BIS crafted/rep gear, so I did alright. My lock was running around in sunwell leftovers from way back when, and got more of a hard time. It doesn’t help that I really really know my job as a hunter, and can use all my tools, but as a lock? Here, have some healthstones I guess. Oops, that add had zero threat on the tank huh? *dies*

    That said, it hasn’t been _that_ bad, aside from the time some recount fetishist started giving my hunter static for doing worse than the tank, and I couldn’t convince him that he should have been adding my pet damage to my own (BM represent) and that recount was (at the time) inaccurate as hell for x-realm data, especially for melee classes with a combat range of .05 microns. So I think he was only seeing my specials, and none of my auto shot damage, and not counting my pet? Yeah, you’re off by a factor of 4.

    But I try to let it all roll off my back. I can’t do anything about them, and I need the badges. And I kind of like it both ways – I sort of miss the whole “Ok, does anyone know what we’re supposed to do here?” fights when my lock was under 80, but I do love the no-nonsense badge machine pugs my hunter gets into.

  13. Man, I am so glad you are haveing fun with low level LFG, me experinces have been very bad. I was tanking a group in DM and the DPS pally keep running infront of me aggroing mobs and then just running around trying to get away.
    I keep telling him stay behind the meatshield but to now avail.
    the last straw for me was in the foundry. I was going to do a LoS pull because the room is full of Mobs, I was angling in from the left side of the ramp and he just runs into the center of the room pulling every mob in the room with him including the boss.
    He died in about 2 secs and the rest of us wiped in the next three.
    Man it is tough playing with people doing instances for the first time.

    not going to give up though that is until my eyes start bleeding from stress.



    Anyways, if you have/get an iPhone, check out Geodefense Swarm. One of the best I’ve ever played.

  15. Well, I honestly have had mostly good experiences with the LFG system, generally the groups I get into are good ones with relatively friendly peeps. I haven’t nor have I seen anyone really been harassed about their dps. In general, as long as the group is good enough to clear the instance in a relitively efficient manner that’s all that seems to matter to most people and i’m cool with that.

    Though I can relate with the recount issues. One gnome mage at the end of a DTK run posted his recount numbers, and even though I was still at the top by a very small margine what he had was way off what I had recorded for my dps, though the other numbers were fairly similar. I could of let it go and left but as a proud hunter I couldn’t so I just said “that’s funny” and posted mine. All I got was a “fail huntard, you forgot to reset 😀 (<– god I hate when people do that)" And before I could explain to him that he "failed" to merge pets with owners he left group.

    Sometimes I wonder if non-pet classes leave that box intentionally unchecked to make them feel better about their own dps. Regardless people like that irk me, and really I don't care if i'm carrying the dps load by like 50% as long as everyone is trying, and nobody is being a douche in a group.

    And honestly for a BM this can make a good BM look like hes doing mediocre dps to ignorant peeps that really harp on that. I wish people would learn to use that program correctly if they are going to swear religiously by it.

    So BM's unite against recount strife!

  16. I’ve been considering triple boxing low lvl dungeons. I have all these badges so I might just buy some heirloom gear and see what happens :>

  17. “I’m in ur dungeon, toppin’ ur recount”

    I think i just peed a little from laughing! 2 drops maybe? 🙂

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