12 thoughts on “Walk Like a Man, My Son”

  1. Well, at least you didn’t end up like me…

    I had a beautiful head of hair that went down to my shoulder, its luscious deep red sheen like a river of blood and fire and love…



  2. What’s sad is that sometimes? This buff would turn my very female troll into a male human ALL ON ITS OWN with no trickery involved!

    It made me a sad panda.

  3. Klinderas, I get the weirdest human forms myself:

    My troll hunter looks like an 80’s pornstar (blonde mullet and dodgy moustache)

    My Belf Pally looks like an accountant stereotype larper (bald on top in plate is not a good look)

    My DK looks like exactly like Ozzy Ozbourne.

    Where are the normal human forms?

  4. There *are* no normal human forms, I swear…

    I use this trick all the time: besides getting to have fun with the male human /dance, my orc’s normal human form makes her look like some kind of Black Dragonflight reject (and the evil glowy eyes from her helm don’t help!)

    As a man she’s bald, but then she normally doesn’t have much hair anyway. 😉

  5. One time I went in there and my illusion looked exactly like Bolvar Fordragon. I think I still have the screenshot on my computer at home somewhere…

  6. I’ve done this! 😀 I hate the hair I get on the human illusion when I’m on my hunter, so I always pop my boot flask and run the rest of the way as a boy. For even more fun, after you take the dwarf part off, pop an Orb of the Sin’dorei for smexy blood elf shenanigans. *wolf whistle*

  7. I don’t recall any of the illusioned NEs/Draenei I’ve taken into CoS or Durnholde having illusions I disliked offhand, but it’s always amused me the Bronze flight goes through all the trouble of putting an illusion on me when I’m in NE form but not in bear. “I’m a perfectly normal human, despite turning into a massive tattooed bear that’s capable of manipulating objects and speaking… Why do you ask?” 😛

  8. Both of my Nelves are bald ugly dudes. CoS makes me cry 🙁
    I’d like to see Quae in there normally first, since she’s my only female toon. But then, if I did try this, with my track record chances are good that she’d be a bald ugly dude too. 🙁

    And I don’t remember what my troll looked like in there, it’s been too long. I fail.

  9. I despise what my druid looks like as a human female… She gets one of my most hated hairstyles for them, in a horrid color, too. I’m so glad she’s a druid. My hunter however, looks fine. I want a program so you can figure out what your person will look like under the illusion, I think that would be very cool. <3

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