The Worst Boss In the History of Video Games…

…isn’t Ragnaros, and it isn’t C’thun, and it isn’t Algalon, and it isn’t Illidan, and it isn’t Hogger.

It isn’t Ganondorf.

It isn’t Psycho Mantis.

It isn’t Sephiroth or Kefka.

It isn’t the Elite Four.

It isn’t Bowser, or Dr. Robotnik, or Dr. Wily.

It isn’t the Z-shaped block in Tetris.

It isn’t Donkey Kong.

It isn’t the ghosts in Pac-Man.



/blames Deathwing

12 thoughts on “The Worst Boss In the History of Video Games…”

  1. I’m sorry, I believe you seem to have forgotten that robot/yeti/thingamajig from SkiFree.

    Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. I know you’re cowering.

  2. Minesweeper needs patience, mathematical thinking and LOT of patience.

    For example on the picture, you could open 3 squares safely in the bottom right corner, next to the three “1” fields above each other.

    As the forsaken wisely told: “patience, discipline”

  3. Nice to see a fellow Linux user. I noticed that your using KDE, have you tried GNOME? Which would you recommend?

  4. @ Nordrus – I’ve used both extensively. I really want to like GNOME, but anytime I’ve ever tried it, it’s been buggy and glitchy and I go back to KDE within a few days.

    As it is, I’ve customized my KDE to look rather GNOME-ish, so I’m happy =P

  5. Now I’ve a desperate urge to play minesweeper. At least nobody has brought up Freecell…

    …damn. Well, there goes my afternoon.

    @Gevlon. True but look at the top left. Minesweeper rewards luck as well as patience.

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