Yo Yogg-Saron, I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish


…but C’thun was the greatest Old God of all time! The greatest Old God of all time! Peace.

(Okay, so really I just wanted an excuse to make that joke. Sorry. D= )

So yeah, I have now officially seen every boss inside Ulduar, and killed them all except Yoggy*, whom we wiped on a couple times and then we started doing really well before suddenly everybody had to leave (myself included, sadly.)

I have to admit I’ve been feeling some compunctions about raiding and my aptitude at it lately; it feels like 50% of my boss kills and achievements happen with me facedown on the floor, and while there are times where my DPS shines, it also seems like as time goes on and I get into harder content and as my fellows acquire better and better gear, my position on Recount just seems to be slipping. It is probably partially because I cling to a less-than-ideal spec, but also I think because I just really stink at climbing the raid boss learning curve. I really don’t want to be Donald from Dark Legacy Comics, but sometimes I worry I am turning into him. >.>

Hopefully it is just a phase and will pass as I get more practice. It just takes me a little bit of extra time to learn what stuff my pet shouldn’t be hitting (Giant Tentacles and Freya Mario Party minigames, I’m looking at you), or what I should and should not be standing in (Vezax can DIAF). I may not be Ensidia or Death & Taxes material, but hopefully I will at least be halfway competent with a little more practice.

I am signed up for ToC25 and Ulduar25 this week, and Ulduar10 seems to be in the cards as well… holycrap, does this make me a real raider? It seems so surreal! x_x I hope my poor alts don’t feel too neglected… D=

* And that one guy who I’m never going to see ever

14 thoughts on “Yo Yogg-Saron, I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish”

  1. Unless you really, really want to smack every single smidgen of content the second it comes out, being DnT material is pretty highly overrated. I like being able to enjoy the content and not be bored waiting for that Next Big Patch.

    I also like being able to take nights out for ARRPEES. ♥ You’ll be just fine I’ll bet–when we’re learning new encounters I am failangel all over the place. *hugs*

  2. All I have to say is congratulations! Being a raider I found was a lot of fun in my stay around the ‘Zeroth.

    Just make sure you don’t burn out, and remember to write here once in awhile XD

  3. Trust me, you are not a Donald. I have seen Donalds. They forget to use their pet to DPS.

    Except on KT phase one.

    Good times.

  4. Well, you’re definitely one up on me, Pike. Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with a time-frame outside of work to really raid anymore, and the last time I did Ulduar with my Horde guild, we had problems with AoI and Thorim. I heard they attempted Yoggy this weekend, but I wasn’t able to go. *shrugs* Oh well.

  5. Which addon is that showing all 3 parts on Mimiron ?

    We tried Firefighter yesterday … oh the pain … so much fire … and so much pain. >.<

  6. Just take it at your own pace. Sometimes we have off nights, sometimes we have fights that clash with our playstyle and take a lot more adjustment than most.

    I did an Uld 10 on Bellbell last night and spent a large amount of time facedown, even on bosses I’d done before. It happens. I’m sure you’ll overcome it!

  7. The problem I find with your current gear is that you have an unnecessary amount of haste and very lacking on hit. Hopefully future gear upgrades will solve the issue.

    If I were you and looking for a quick fix, I’d move the points from the SV tree for some Careful Aim and Imp Arcane Shot, and replace the hit gem/enchants. The net result should be an improvement according to my crude math.

  8. Yogg’s a pretty fun fight once you get up to him. Plus, I’ve sometimes been able to survive wipes with a well-placed feign. The only trouble is the adds in the first phase with their dark volley attack, still hits you when you’re down.

    I liked that comic, too. I lol’ed.

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