The Hunter's Mimiron Experience

1. Your pet dies
2. Your pet dies again
3. Your pet dies, yet again
4. Is your pet dead? No? GOTO 1
5. Watch your pet die as he stands next to you
6. Watch your pet die while you spam Mend Pet
7. Be content that your pet is at 100% health, glance the other way for two seconds, glance back and notice your pet is dead
8. Forget about your pet and switch to your Marksmanship dual spec
9. Get the Power Rangers theme song* stuck in your head…


10. Stare into the pretty laser beam coming out of the guy’s face… and die.

* I swear to you, when I figure this fight out I am going to FRAPS it and set it to the Power Rangers theme song. Cross my heart, hope to Feign Death.

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  1. Ye Gods, I can’t even imagine this fight as BM. I run as survival and usually just leave my wolf next to me so I’ll occasionally get its howl buff, but he still manages to get killed.

    Fun fight though, when things go right. Well, fun fight presuming you’re not a pet…

  2. Yep, that was about the same as my first go at Mimiron. Managed to keep my wolf Fury alive until phase 4… and then dead. Rez, dead. Rez, dead. Rez, dead. I gave up; we killed him anyway.

    I’m the type of BM hunter that takes it as a personal failure if my pet dies; I never had problems with Heigan for instance. Next Mimiron attempt I’ll see if I can do better 🙂

  3. I had major problems keeping my pet alive on Mimiron, notably on Phases 2 and 4, before the rocket strike was changed to hit melee and from the stupid fire pulse. Despite raiding as marks, I hate it when my pet dies. You’ll get it your pet to actually through Mimiron eventually, it just takes practice and maybe you can bribe a healer to toss a HoT onto it every now and again 😉

  4. @ Phyllixia – Yeah, I always considered stuff like Heigan and Sarth to be relatively easy to keep your pet alive on (with practice and Imp. Mend Pet anyway), but this… this is special. No way a pet is ever gonna live unless he’s got a dedicated non-hunter healer =P

  5. The key, for me, is to have petfollow and petattack very easily accessible (I macroed them and put them on a couple mouse buttons, I find ctrl+1,2 to be too slow for me); and to know all the things that you need to pull your pet back to you for and be really quick to do a petfollow when they happen (while a million other things are going on :).

    If you can successfully pull your pet back to you in time on every shock blast (phase 1 and 4) and laser barrage (phase 2 and 4), and on any rocket strike (2 and 4) that looks like it will hit your pet, then your should be good. These are all the things that can one-shot your pet.

    Aside from these, the other damage your pet gets is certainly healable (that is, with a little help from your raid healers; but not that much help, pet aoe avoidance soaks up most of the unavoidable raid wide damage).

    I hope I don’t sound like an ass. I’m not saying it’s easy; it’s not, it’s hard. I’m just trying to provide some information.

  6. Here’s the best advice I can give for pet management phase by phase:

    Phase 1: Keep your pet by your side until after the first shock blast, then send him in. After the first shock Blast, DBM starts a timer to the next shock blast to give you plenty of warning. Keeping your pet by your side for too long is a bad idea, the Napalm Shells will kill your pet.

    Phase 2: Keep your pet by your side at all times. Otherwise it won’t get sufficient healing and will die. Blow cooldowns on this phase to get through it as fast as possible.

    Phase 3: Bomb bots are bad, but it is possible for your pet to eat one if it gets healed back up quickly. Otherwise, you can either send your pet after the assault bots, OR keep him trained on Mimiron so the Magnetic Core person has a better idea of where to bring Mimiron down. Does that make sense? I hope it does…

    Phase 4: See Phase 2. WAY too much stuff going on.

    And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Mimiron requires a lot of mobility, so that’s right up your alley…right? Happy hunting!!

  7. Haven’t gotten to Mimiron with my guild yet…but I’ll keep that advice in mind. Other than that all I have to say is Power Rangers FTW!

  8. This fight takes 110% of your concentration – 200% during Firefighter – to do everything. When I’m trying to rez my pet in between phases due to an ill-placed plasma blast (my particular favorite is when the player my pet runs past to get out of Shock Blast is plasma’d), I hope and hope and hope that fire doesn’t land on me or anywhere to my left. You learn to time that first shock blast (my rule of thumb is right after my second rotation) to bring in your pet.

  9. I’ve done this fight as BM before, but pet’s gotta be on passive at all times.

    Pull him out of rockets, laser barrage, etc.

    And if you don’t get full raid buffs you gotta pull him out of every single shock blast.

    Note: you can go into the dbm settings and enable shock blast warning for this fight.

  10. The things ive learned about keeping my pet alive(mind you im marksman)

    Mr.wolf stands at the door. Phase one mr.wolf is alive!(hopefully)

    Phase two: Mr wolf stands at me, does not attack, my dps is failing, wolf is alive woo!

    Phase three; Huntards tanking head, wolf hangs out with the repair bots.

  11. Hai, Pike!

    Mimi is without doubt the biggest pet-mulcher going in game atm. It is possible to keep your pet doing their thing throughout most of the fight, but you’ll need a couple of things going for you before you even start.

    Phase 1 – There are quite a few SV and MM hunters who keep their pet at their side for this phase, but not only is taht potentially wasting 15%+ of their damage output, that is also asking for pet death – Napalm attacks on you will hit you both. Yes, you could just sit the pet further back at the start on stay, but frankly, you shouldn’t need to, and you won’t want to as BM – so don’t!

    Instead, you need to be ready to shift your position relative to the boss. The trick is to keep yourself in the rear 180 degrees of the boss – since your pet attacks it from behind (ROGUE! >:O), being behind(ish) the boss yourself gives your pet the most direct route away from the boss when the AoE starts up – if you are in front, pet runs through boss… and that hurts.

    Also, don’t be afriad to rig up a second pet macro that instantly hits pet passive/follow – some folks use all in one macros, and they can fudge up here.

    Phase 2 requires Vent. That’s all. The big danger are the rockets coming down on melee, and as a ranged player, it can be really hard to see the targeting area under tons of melee feet and AoE effects – unless your melee are brain dead, which chances are they ain’t, they should be able to call “ROCKET ON MELEE” and give you a simple warning that it’s time to recall pet out from melee. Since nagging about this, and pointing out the DPS my pet contributes to fights, melee have been very obliging, and I haven’t lost a pet to a rocket in norma(10/25)l mode for ages. In the same light, if your raid lacks a resto shammy, just politely point out to the healers that in P2, your pet will need a bit of healing too, and if they don’t, the raid DPS will be down: moreso as a BM – I actually use Petemote to “remind” our healers that my pet is about – and it really does do wonders!

    To summarise – melee yell when rckets inc, pull pet back – do the same when spinning up starts. Apart from that, pet should be om noming.

    Phase 3 is the easiest and most fun, to my mind, since you can split your efforts – as long as you have an MT target list. My guild use ORa2, and it makes moments like this a joy.

    You’ll have a ranged tank (possibly you!) on the Aerial Command unit, while the tanks pick up assualt bots. Keep yourself on tht ACU, while mouse-over macroing your pet after the assault bot the tank is targeting. If you are not confident using a mouse over macro, have a pet attack macro for assisting the Main Tank (takes moments to change the name in the macro before a fight) – when the ACU falls, shift pet over to it for moar pew and om-noms!

    Phase 4 – Pretty much the same as Phase 2, although having a mouseover macro is again an advantage – send pet at the lower target, while you hit what you’ve been told to. As a hunter, your Killshot is very useful for balancing up section damage so all three die at the same time. Again, position yourself in the rear arc of the boss as much as possible, and be prepared to shift, even using Disengage to do so if it means you can stay in that arc to get your pet out.

    Despite it’s chaotic nature, Mim is one of those fights where a hunter can avoid alot of pet-grief if they plan out the encounter before they get there – this is still true on Firefighter 10-man, which the last time I did it, I managed to avoid losing my pet. Is your pet never going to die if you do all these things? No. You can always take an unlucky splash from Napalm, or fumble a pet-recall, or get boxed out of the rear arc by P3wP3w, or melee lose their voices – but you can give Fluffy a fighting chance, while he still does his thing. 🙂


    Ary (and Mjolnir – arooo!)

  12. I have to admit, when we managed to get to Mim the first – and only – time I didn’t see a ton of trouble with my Maizee (wolf) dying. That said, she was fully raid buffed, may have had loving tree heals from time to time, and has a constant Imp Mend Pet on her. It’s habit to refresh that NeedToKnow bar when it poofs.

    Just to see what would happen I left her in on the shock blast the first time (ok ok, I completely forgot I should pull her out when the melee start running, because she’s only ever had issues on Iron Council AoE blasts, and even those issues are survivable) and she took it like a pro. 80% of health gone, sure, but nothing an IMP couldn’t fix between blasts.

    Perhaps I just take bigger risks with her. She is spec’d for Heart of the Pheonix right now, since we’re learning some of the less pet friendly fights currently. I still consider getting to Mim a very happy fluke, and I can’t wait to get to him consistently. 😛

    On a completely unrelated side note, isn’t it funny how we Hunters assign genders and sometimes even personalities to our pets? 😀

  13. I switched to a tenacity pet, a scorpion just because of the looks and less aggro generating attacks, and didn’t have a problem. I started out worrying about a clear path through the mines to pull him back when needed, but found it didn’t matter.

  14. Thank you for this post. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I just had a depressing evening with Mimiron myself. First encounter for me. lol

  15. Which addon is that showing the health of all 3 parts of Mimiron ?

    I’ve been using the tank lists targetstarget so far but they are bound to
    sometimes target something else so an addon to show them would be nice.

  16. I did this fight exactly once as BM. That’s about when I doled out for dual spec. Up until Ulduaar, I could handle BM. I still love it, but damn it sucks sometimes.

  17. @Ambrosium

    The add we use for seeing the health of all three parts is ORA2 – we assign three “MT”s who will always, even if dead, focus on their primary target – allows for much easier targettign by the rest, especially if you ahve to engage more than one target, or target switch.

  18. Yup DBM shows the health of all boss parts.

    Anywho, I can SO relate to this tale of grisly pet death. We’re working on Firefighter in a special achievements 10 man we run and it’s pure pain since we have less splash healy type stuff going on as well. In the 25 man I’ve found pet survivability to be easier to manage. I’ve pretty much decided I’m just going to have to live with Chopper dying in our 10 man though. That said, I’ll be taking some of the great tips from other comments here under advisement!

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