Can't Buy Me Blogging

As a warning, this post is not really WoW related so much as it is sort of “a state of the blog” related so if you’re looking for WoW guides and the like it won’t hurt my feelings if ya skip this one.

Basically some stuff has been going on with me RL-wise and as it may have the potential to affect my blogging it seemed appropriate to mention it here.

Without either beating around the bush or turning this into some sort of sob story– between a job that has been cutting back my hours as much as they can while still technically keeping me “full time” and various other strokes of misfortune, I am not exactly doing well financially at the moment. I am, yes, still playing WoW– although the temptation to temporarily cancel my account in the name of financial tightness is sometimes strong, on the other hand I refuse to let a crappy economy and some bad luck destroy something which I’ve really enjoyed doing– playing and blogging about a video game. Why yes, I am a stubborn fool.

Anyways, now on to the point. Right now, since the hunt for a new full-time job is going rather dismally, and the chances of me ever getting paid to blog are somewhere between a decimal point and a bunch of zeros, the smartest thing for me to do would probably be to get a second job. If this were to happen I fear it would pretty much mean game over for WoW and for the blog. See, I’m one of those weirdos who has never had access to a computer at work (in fact, it’s still a foreign concept for me), so all of my blogging/researching/reading other blogs goes on at home. As does all my other home-related stuff like, you know, spending quality time with my friends or with The Significant Other, or making sure my apartment isn’t a (complete) disaster area. If my “home time” dwindles, as it would if I got a second job, then unfortunately WoW and the blog, as much as I love them, would be rather low on the totem pole and I couldn’t guarantee I’d get it any time for them at all. And since I am the aforementioned stubborn fool I refuse to let this happen.

Which brings us to the “good news” portion of this post, which is that I am going to start doing art commissions. Yes, I am going to try doing that as a “second job”. It would net me more control over my schedule and more “home time”– busy home time, but still, home time. Hopefully enough to continue to allow me to blog and play the game that powers my blog. And it’d be rather enjoyable work, to boot. More details on this will come later after I’ve finished up some projects I’d like to finish up before jumping into this; so it’s not officially underway. But! Soon.

Another thing– I have in the past had people suggest to me that I put up some sort of donation button on my blog to help offset site costs and WoW subscriptions. For several months my pride has prevented me from doing this. However, I think now is probably a good time to swallow my pride so there is now a PayPal “Donate” button on my about page. I don’t plan on hawking it or mentioning it again because I don’t want anyone to feel pressured into donating, but it is there.

So, there you have it. My crazy plans for a last-ditch effort to maintain blog quality while still keeping microwave pizzas on the table. Er, computer desk. Obviously if things take a turn for the worse then I will have to suck it up and put the blog on hiatus for a while. But I figured it was worth it to exhaust other possibilities before getting to that point– you’re not getting rid of me that easily. =P

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  1. This wouldn’t be a problem if communism but noooo, y’all had to go and be a capitalist country, didn’t you!

    PS: <3 best of luck Admiral Pike!

  2. Best of luck! If I ever have a job again, and thus disposable income, I will send some your way.
    Stupid gorram economy. Figures it had to be good at tanking, right?

  3. I have a computer at work, but until recently have been doing all my blog reading and writing at home, too (mostly because they have EVERYTHING blocked there). I understand the not having time to get all the regular stuff at home done. My kids found a picture of my house 3 years ago, before WoW had sunk its teeth in, and I cried a little. It was so clean, and almost nice looking! Not that is isn’t livable now, but WoW wasn’t the only thing that changed in the last three years. Marriage and more kids took their toll as well.

    I hope your job search is fruitful! My rss reader without Pike would be unbearable 🙂

  4. I wish you good luck, Pike!

    It’s a scary time to be looking for work (a situation I will find myself in before the year is out), and I hope something turns up for you. It’s a bit cliche to say but sometimes things have a way of working out, and I hope they do for you.

    The WoW community would lose a great part of it were you forced to step away (if even for a little while), and your blog is one of only a few great Hunter resources that eschew elitism and arrogance and is actually a joy to read as well as being helpful. And your commentors are a great part of that, so it’d be sad to lose them as well.

    Fingers crossed for you Pike!

  5. While WoW does take up time that I could spend more constructively I do feel it saves me money really. The $15-20 a month is much less then I would be spending if I was sitting around bored. That doesn’t take into account the new PC I would like to get though lol. What do others think of this? am I fooling myself?

    By art commission I assume you mean some pics for your readers. I would be interested for sure. I will look for a sample gallery after I write this. If you don’t have one put one up. Belf males are a tricky subject matter and i want to see how you would tackle it.

    You could get paid for blogging at WoW Insider I would think. The hunter column there is a den of snakes waiting to strike though so you would need thick skin.

  6. I like Payne’s idea: try to apply to WoW Insider. You’ve been featured on there enough that people know you, and you could easily write as a columnist, tell us what’s happening, and entertain us. WoWInsider is a newspaper, and it has 2-3 entertainment columns: Guild Watch, Moviewatch, and the Breakfast Column.

    Or you could send in articles to be featured, and get some sort of comission like that as a freelance writer.

    Best of luck, professor. XD

  7. Ooh, I agree with the suggestions of getting in touch with WoW Insider! There’s nothing wrong with their existing Hunter column but there seem to be fewer installments of Scattered Shots than of the other class columns (not a slam against the writer, I know she has her own blog and is, presumably, living a life outside of WoW), and Pike, your approach to Hunter-dom is quite different. Scattered Shots talks a lot about game mechanics and gear, while you bring an entirely different, inclusive, voice to the class.
    Or even to write as a general columnist, not even for Hunters specifically. You totally should get in touch with them.

  8. I think Pike has connections at WI 😉

    I think she also mentioned she wasn’t a huge fan.

    Not sure if its something you want to do just something to consider.

  9. I think Lassira is resigning from writing at WoW Insider. Pike, you should definately apply! I miss all the huntery goodness from there.

  10. @ Payne – Well, when it comes to my art commissions, you will have to keep in mind that my style is very, well… you see the picture on my banner? I draw cartoons. I can’t draw realistically or even semi-realistically or anything like Blizz does in official art to save my life– and, er, that’s me being honest, not humble. >.>

    @ All the people suggesting WoWInsider: Wow, I appreciate your confidence in me! Really, it makes me feel quite good. However, last I checked– and I could be wrong– WoWInsider operates on more of a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” thing. You don’t ask them for a job, you wait to get an e-mail from them. With that said, if they (hypothetically) did choose to contact me, while I would definitely seriously consider an offer like that, in the end I don’t know if I’d accept it. Because of the creatures known as “trolls” that tend to inhabit the comments over there. I really do have a good deal of respect for the WI writers and the thick skin that they have, and a lot of the articles over there are top-notch (I’m a sucker for 15 Mins of Fame, myself), but I am not a very thick-skinned person, and I think I would be too intimidated.

    I really do appreciate the commentbase we have here. Thanks all who come and visit <3

  11. @ Payne – Oh and yes, I do in fact have, uh, “connections” at WI, haha. But those connections wouldn’t automatically work in my favor, which is a good thing really… I am sure WI puts a lot of thought into who they get to do their columns *nod*

  12. I’m pretty sure you can contact WI with inquiries regarding blogging for them. I seem to recall the guy that hosts their web show saying something to that effect in the past month or so. Tell them who you are, what you blog about, give them examples etc etc (I know they know who you are and what you do) and which area of WI you would be interested in covering (class, general etc).

    Here are their suggestions for applying:

    In regards to having a thick skin, I find the peanut gallery at WI to be more hostile towards each other than the articles. And besides, we’d all be there too! 😀

    It just seems to me that you have a marketable skill with a lot of knowledge and personality put into it, and there is a prominent outlet for that skill which does pay. It’s worth approaching them I think. And then you’d have a really, really good reason to keep playing WoW and blogging! Win win as they say.

  13. Man.. This is probably one of the unstated victims of the current economic situation. Bloggers are falling away left and right. 🙁

    I like the WI suggestions, but if not there then maybe keep on submitting. I’m sure someone will eventually say, “Why didn’t we pick this one up sooner! Sign her up!!” but until then, I hope you get to man commissions and many donations!

    Keep your chin up! And I wish you the best!!

  14. There’s a saying that goes “When life gives you lemons, you tame one and then do 6k DPS on Emalon”

    hope the job search goes well, whether it be a 2nd job, or a better 1st job.

  15. Pike we need you – there I said it. With BRK gone there are so few good blogs out here. You are at the top of the list, the very top. I see a name or two here in your comments that I recognize and I do like their blogs but you have something that people can relate to.
    But of course wanting something doesn’t fix things, so with that said I say that you should move the donation button from the about page to the front page right or left banner – you need to remind people that you need help and not have to hunt to find the button. I don’t remember the last time I looked at your about page, but I look at your front page at least 5 days a week. Yes I read your blog at work but on the weekends I have to admit I am too busy playing and I forget.
    But if i get into a bind or need to check out your pet spec’s then this is the place i come.
    Thanks for being you……. now where is that button… I wish to donate…

  16. Couldn’t find the edit button to add and edit so I will add this here.
    Yep you really need to move the donation button – put it up where we can find it easier – for any of you looking for it it is in the “about and FAQ” section at the end of the FAQ section but before the comments,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Enough about pride – please Pike,,,, move the button – or have 2 buttons – a link for the link – lol

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