And Piggy Makes Three

With Tawyn’s acquisition of Mr. Wiggles yesterday, she now possesses all three of the “old-world” Children’s Week minipets– Speedy being her first and Whiskers being her second. Because Childrens’ Week was the first ever in-game holiday I experienced (seriously, I was about level… 16?), this means I’ve officially headed into my third year of playing World of Warcraft.


For those of you who have been playing a lot longer than I have, that’s probably nothing, but for me it’s sort of a “wow… crazy” moment, that I have now played for two full years and am headed into my third. Two years ago I was on my last week of university courses ever and I opted to install the demo version of the game knowing I could now safely play it without having to worry about being distracted from homework and various super-important projects. I rolled up Tawyn, the teal-haired hunter, who was supposed to be a tauren except that the person who got me into the game was Alliance so I had to follow suit. Two years later she is (perhaps astonishingly?) still very much my main, and I’ve made some of my current best friends in-game and become some sort of blogger. Weird, huh?

Happy birthday, Tawyn! And thanks to all my readers for letting my share my WoW experiences with you guys. <3

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  1. Aww happy birthday!

    I’ve been playing for, I think, 2 years now, but the characters I made when I started are long long gone now. I still have my first “serious” character, a female Orc Hunter named Grayza, and she’s still 70 and in terrible gear!

    I have some bizarre compulsion to start over when I learn new things, rather than apply them to what I already have. I love a clean slate, I think.

    For about half a year I took a break from WoW, and that’s when I was playing Grayza (I shoulda stuck with it.. the guild I was in at the time has since merged with a larger raiding guild, so I coulda ended up doing that… but coulda woulda shoulda I guess). When I came back I made a Shaman and some RL friends who were long time MMOers (WoW included) got back into the game with my better half and I and dragged a few more friends over.
    I stopped with the Shaman as I so missed playing a Hunter and I’d learned a lot about the game, so I started fresh. Both the Hunter (Anansi) and the Shaman (Shockeye) are 80 now, and I love both.

    Not sure what the point was in that rambling! Procrastinating from doing my job I suspect. Perhaps to congratulate you on playing a main for that long as well!

  2. Happy Birthday,
    And with that a compliment-
    I have missed BRK very much /sad but do love Daniel’s new(non-wow) site.
    With that said, I read a good number of hunter blogs and many are just so so,
    but your site is at the top. BRK is no longer with us but for me, you fill in the gap and are shining though.
    Keep up the great work and know that you do make a difference 🙂
    There are a great number of us out here, we don’t always leave comments – but we are here and love you.
    Thanks for being you~

  3. I’ve probably been playing WoW for longer than you have — but none of my characters have more than one Children’s Week pet. I tend to switch to a new main every time a new expansion comes out. I never plan to, but my old class has gotten stale and an expansion is a good opportunity to get a new class caught up to everyone else.

    Though I have managed to stay on Silver Hand this time around (as I switched server and faction entirely in BC), my three 70s from the last expansion are slowly gathering dust and have barely made it to 71… and I had no interest in doing the Children’s Week achievements on any of them again this year.

    I’m amazed at your ability to play the same character this long. You must really love that character! =)

  4. XD

    Congratulations you tree hugging hippie! It seems all is going well, let’s hope it stays that way.

    I’ve been playing for almost the same amount of time I think, but I could be wrong.

  5. Hehe, happy birthday. 😀

    *wheezes* But back in my day, Hunters didn’t even HAVE talents! And we could wear bucklers! (a lighter version of shields) And instead of mana, we had focus! Which means we couldn’t DPS on the move!

    AND WE LIKED IT! *brandishes cane*

  6. Happy Birfdayz!

    I have to agree with Shandore, since BRK has left the WoW blogging scene, you’ve become the place I send people wondering how to be a Hunter. (Besides, the more people I send you way, the more likely Suramar is to get an underground RP community going… What? I can dream, can’t I?)

    I envy you though, that Tawyn is still very much your main. I keep waffling as to if Xanth is my main or not, or if I should reroll him and shelve Hunter-Xanth, but in the end… I guess I just like Hunters too much. 🙂 Oh well, who says one can’t have three mains, right? Right!?

  7. Happy birthday! 😀

    (I can totally relate – lately I’ve been double-taking and go, ‘Huh. I’ve been playing since 2005… I’m an elder ingame-wise! Cool!’)

    Like you, Watermist was my first character and still my main. It may be me, or a leftover instinct from Pokemon (not exactly ‘leftover’ because I still play Pokemon) where I refuse to ever put my starter in the PC, I can’t even THINK of Watermist and her first pet Howler not being there… *shudder*

    Sorry for rambling! Happy birthday, again! 😀

  8. Yikes I dont know if it was 3 or 4 years ago that I started.

    My friends also played alliance on a pvp server to boot. I looked at the hunter but they asked me to roll a mage and so that was my first. I did get a hunter to lvl 23 or so on that server. I remember getting to lvl 49 and I found I was setting my alarm so I could get up early and lvl without getting ganked. Then I realized that was crazy so I said farewell to rl friends and finally rolled my first hunter on a reg server.

    I made it to lvl 43 or so with my tauren hunter but then my wife decided to play. This was pre BC and there were no pretty races on horde side so I switched to Ally to play with her so she could be a Nelf Druid. I rolled a Nelf hunter there and made it thru BC to 70 and that was my main for a long time.

    then the friends I had there wanted to switch servers which we did and then lol back to horde. Rolled a brand new Belf Hunter and Tauren warrior. They are both 80 now. Damn thats some time invested I tell you.

    so main has gone from Human Mage – Tauren Hunter – Nelf Hunter – Tauren Warrior – Belf Hunter

  9. Hey Pike,

    Gz on your ‘wow birthday’ 😉
    Just wanted to write you, been reading your blogs for a while now, and never posted a comment before *shy*

    GZ and hugs, Michel.

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