I Like Shinies

So I didn’t mention this in my last post because I didn’t want to stray too far off-topic, but in my latest Naxx run Heigan decided it would be really funny to mock my inability to live more than ten seconds on his phase two by giving me a present that was loaded to the brim with stamina.


“Ya know what stamina lets you do? Stay alive! Oh wait, you’re Pike, my bad. /snicker”
“Die in a fire =(“

To be honest, I was willing to pass on this thing to anybody who wanted it. I woulda given it to a feral druid in a heartbeat if there had been one in the raid. And besides which, I have this personal quirk where I always hate to roll on an item that dropped from a boss that I was dead for more than 50% of. I think said items would better go to someone who was alive for the duration of the boss fight. Just a personal thing of mine.

But nobody else was even remotely interested in the thing, so to me it went. You’re a laugh riot, Mr. Unclean.


It is shiny, though. /strut

Now aside from being loaded with stamina it’s also loaded with Attack Power. However, this comes at the expensive of two little things: Hit, and Crit. I can live with giving away some of that precious Crit for a bunch of that delicious delicacy that is AP, but the Hit is something I can’t afford to lose right now, especially since I’m already scooting around a little under-cap. Remember, Hit is pretty vital for a BM hunter cause we pass it along to our pets now, too. As such, while I’m holding on to this beauty in my bags, it’s not gonna replace my twin Broken Stalactites until I’ve done some more re-gearing. I’m working on the chestpiece outta Argent Crusade (about 75% through Revered!), and trying to weasel my way into Heroic Violet Holds for that cloak.

Have I mentioned lately that my cloak luck has been atrocious? Ya know what I’m still runnin’ with?

Shade of Aran

“Such a comfy cloak, isn’t it?”
“Yes but that’s no excu–FLAMEWREATH DON’T MOVE”

The moral of the story? Be sure to check all your stats before equipping that new shiny. It might be better to hold off for the time being.

Oh, and Heigan can still bite me. Nielas Aran can stay though, he’s a nice guy. And I totally have a crush on his son. /blush (I’m weird, okay?)

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  1. [url=http://wowcrowdcontrol.wordpress.com]This[/url] dropped in a Heroic VH run a few weeks before the druid staff changes. Nobody else wanted it so I tucked it away in my bank for when the changes hit, just to see what it would become.

    I have yet to see anything better drop in Heroic Naxx. x.x

  2. Don’t forget about hit food and hit elixirs, they transfer to your pet too! (I got shiny new boots last week and was too lazy to regem/re-enchant everything so I’m just swapping my agi food for hit food until I get one of the hit items on my wishlist. >_> )

    I had bad luck in Kara drops. Never got that cloak and never got Wolfslayer either. I still want the gun just cause it’s the coolest looking one in the game.

  3. I was about to point and laugh, but I realized that I JUST made a post this morning pointing out how hot alextrasza is.

    I’m a Jaina fanboy too, probably moreso than alextrasza. She’s a mage, and mages are auto-sexy.

  4. The only problem with waiting for that cloak is that you could be waiting forever for two RNGs: One to actually give you the arrakoa boss and the other to actually have it drop. If you can, go for the crappy crafted one.

  5. If you guys are referring to Ice Striker’s Cloak I will not be getting it because it has no hit rating and I absolutely cannot afford to be losing any hit raiting right now. If you are referring to another cloak that DOES have hit rating, please let me know. <3

    @ Tora we can totally have joint custody. ...hopefully he's okay with that >.>

    @ Ferrusmanus – that figure is awesome…

  6. Since I don’t seem to see an edit function on this…

    Shade of Aran was my favorite boss fight in Kara. I chuckled every time I heared four different people scream out FLAMEWREATH, DON’T MOVE! And every once in a while we’d get that one person (usually a rogue or other melee) move and blow up the entire raid. Good times, good times. WTB Shade of Aran, Redux.

  7. My warrior friend keeps bitching about ‘huntards’ looting SotPB. I refrain from beating for calling BRK and Pike Huntards and tell him to not talk about things he doesn’t understand. I think ill get this when I’m level 80 and use if i ever group with him 😛 just to hear him bitch about it lol

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