I Draw Random Crap


Toldja so. Yeah, it’s a cat. Best not to ask?

Oh and this is non-WoW, but I found it and I like it, so have an old (2004ish) picture of Pikestaff the Hare:


Sorry they’re smudgy and drafty. I sketch. I don’t really finish or color or anything. I just sketch. =P (Hey, at least I erased the construction lines this time!)

P.S. For better arts, you should probably go check out Tora. I draw like once a year these days. >.>

11 thoughts on “I Draw Random Crap”

  1. LHV JASVDAS LLwynog just made Dr Pepper come out of my nose =[

    Also I’m very happy that I have my LJ Icon de Pike ^^; Tuskarr ftw.

  2. SKULLET FTW! My gnome rogue has a skullet and a handlebar mustache. Meanest looking rogue on the block. lol

  3. When I sketch cartoony, I don’t erase construction lines. I toss the drawing on a lightbox and trace it off on another sheet, nice and clean. If you try this, don’t be discouraged if your tracing is still kinda sketchy. I used to do this for a living, so my nice clean lines are quite practiced…

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