Nerf me harder, Blizz. I dare ya.


And yeah, I was edged out by an elemental shaman.  But seeing as he was in almost all epics, and I’m in mostly blues and a Shade of Aran cloak, I’m not too upset about my performance. =P

Oh and lemme post the first pull, ’cause it makes me giggle:


Now, the point of this post is not to claim astronomical DPS like the screenshots I’ve seen of epic’d out min/maxers doing 6000+ on Patchwerk. I’ve never gotten near that, and I don’t think I ever will. So, I can’t vouch for DPS changes in the Elitist Jerks croud, who are probably going to be more affected by scaling. But, I’d like to think I can vouch for the I-PuG-Raids-When-My-Schedule-Allows Crowd, and I don’t think we have anything to worry about, at least not for the time being. More testing may need to be done, true, but I feel pretty reassured for now.

Beast Mastery is not dead, my friends. Carry on!

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  1. Not bad, girl, not bad at all. 🙂

    I broke my own personal best DPS mark on Patchwerk yesterday (3650 on 10-man, woop!), and I’m feeling pretty good about the changes. I love this new 4-shot priority rotation – I’m CONSTANTLY having to think on my toes about which shot to use, should I use my Accelerators and a bomb, etc.

  2. WOOHOO someone who agrees with me. I posted at a comment on a few blogs that I wasn’t feeling that we were nerfed that bad and I got shot down faster than I could react.

  3. Thank You so much for the reassurance Pike! I didn’t have a chance to log in yesterday and all I’ve been reading is the ‘doom and gloom’ from the Elitist Jerk types. Not that don’t know what they’re talking about but I tend to forget that they don’t really represent the majority of the Hunter community. Everywhere I turn hunters are giving up and switching to Survival. I don’t want to go Survival. I don’t like Survival.

    You’ve given me some hope that I can stick with my beloved BM spec (with a few tweaks) and I won’t get walked all over by the Boomkin and Unholy DK that I’m usually fighting with for top spot on the meters. 🙂 And perhaps I may even be able to keep my Kitty. I really hate the ‘stomp, stomp’ of the devilsaur and would miss Safari dreadfully.

    And can I just say… Yay for real shot rotations again! No more one button mashing for me!

  4. No kidding. I did fine last night in my Nax run (besides DCing and legging horribly from LAG) Our DK ussually beats me on the meters, but the other hunter and I did pretty good (both BM). I think will live through the patch. I just wish they hadn’t killed Steady Shot so bad. ><

  5. And there’s Loronar, with all the smarticus!

    But I agree. Everytime hunters have been knocked over, we get up. We continue to do what is best.

    Besides, I always like a challenge, and I won’t turn one down.

  6. With nerfs, the good ones adapt and figure out how to make things work and the bads piss and moan and cry that their spec is broken for good and respec or reroll to the new class of the month. Bravo Pike, bravo 🙂

    (I personally saw a 16k crit kill shot last night in 25 man Naxx. I nearly fell out of my chair.)

  7. I agree Pike. I went into Heroics on the night the patch came out and actually hit higher personal dps than I had previously. And I was at or above the dps of fully epicced Fury warrior. BM is not dead. Maybe it’s not the top dps anymore but I like the BM tree and going to keep using it.

  8. The patch for me killed my enjoyment of the BM spec. in a progression raiding environment. Not to say you can’t have decent numbers from it now but surv. is posting so much better numbers now and on top of that is much more fun imo.

    In a guild were everyone is pushing at least 5k dps it is hard to make the argument that you can stay BM. Personally I just see surv. being able to pump out more damage and at the end of the day that is your job. However if you are in a more casual guild or just really love BM you can definitely still post some decent numbers just don’t expect to top the charts or in reality even come close once the other classes get used to their changes or just improve their skill.

  9. @TheKeenan
    If you really enojyed BM before than I’d have to argue the rest of your comment disagrees with that.

    I can understand speccing for the highest dps especially in a guild focused on progression but if MM tomorrow becomes the highest dps I guarantee you spec that and say you enjoy it.

    BM is still good in a 25 man for one spot to proc Ferocious Inspiration as that is raid wide damage increase for any type of dps.

  10. Yay for BM hunters! /cheer. I was really starting to consider switching to SV, but then again, I’m way to casual to care. I’m so use to spamming steady shot that I’m thinking I need OT (occupational therapy) to get the coordination to do a shot rotation, well, maybe that’s a little extreme. But I’m excited to be able to have to do something other than hit that one d@mn button a lot. And I’m glad that I can keep my exotic pets.

  11. Wow.
    How did you do that? Seriously, I redid my spec to include Imp Arcane Shot, worked on my rotations, made sure I wasn’t in Viper the whole instance and can’t seem to break 1500 dps. My gear is comparable to yours so that isn’t the difference.

  12. i have never just did SS and the Serpent sting shot mashing ,
    i had always a shot rotation …i fired a Sting , Arcane , Aim / Mutli shot as much as steady shot ……sooooo haaaa!!!! blah blah steady shot BM mashing is all that tree is …

    Beastmastery for Life

    From your Lord and Master

  13. @ zalenna

    you used a shot rotation as beastmastery before the patch? you must have been oom before BW was finished^^

    anywho, i am in a progression raiding guild and have always loved BM. there was always a difference in dps from skilled and un-skilled BM hunters, but since we wre top of MOST, not all, meters, a less skilled BM hunter could still be beating 90% of the rest of skilled classes. that is where the problem lay.

    before the patch my best dps total on a single starget was Patchwerk in a 2.48 kill, averaging 5.8k dps….that was insane i admit and nerf WAS justified, but they went too far. this week, with the same buffs, on patchwerk i averaged 4.1k. a Bm hunter’s strength comes from times he can stand still and work, an affliction warlock has great strength on a mobile fight etc etc. they have taken a great deal of our strength away.

    i agree we needed a rotation to actually make us WORK for the dps, but blizzard have contradicted themselves with this current move. they aim, and it has been stated on blue posts, to make warlocks, hunters, mages and rogues have the edge in dps (fight mobility/type withstanding) because they are pure classes. i.e. they cannot tank or heal so fill another raid role. they have also stated they do not want one tree to ever be far and away better than the others for dps like they had with BM in tbc. pre-patch the MM hunter in my guild was doing very similar dmg to me, with the SV hunter a few hundred dps behind him. with these changes, after 2 hours on the heroic target dummy, the SV hunter is beating the MM and myself by a 33% gap….so recount reports me doing 30%, MM 30% and SV 40% of total dmg done…this is huge when multiplied by raid buffs.

    i do not wish to be far and away the best dps, i wish to have a CHANCE at being the best, that is all, and with these changes i do not have a chance to be even close to the top 5 when playing with equally geared and skilled players.


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