19 thoughts on “No WoW? No problem.”

  1. Very nice! I always loved Starcraft(as I do all RTS’s, they are my favorite genre). Though I never played normal games(ie non use map setting) games online because I’ve never been able to develop any keyboard micro and am a mousenub, so I always got rushed and outmaneuvered. 🙁

    Have you tried Red Alert 3? I’m really enjoying it, though I’m an old Red Alert fan.

  2. Carrier has arrived! 🙂

    Yeah, ok, I think I need to finish up my Java homework and go taken BGH for a spin now.

  3. @ Timothy – RA2 was pretty good but I was never a big enough fan to really look into the other games. Starcraft was always my true love though.

    @ Sade – Pike loves all the races! But Protoss is probably the most dear to her heart, it’s true.

  4. I love Starcraft but give me the Terrans any day. Not that I don’t like the ‘toss or zerg, but there’s something about hearing ‘Battlecruiser operational’ and ‘Nuclear launch detected’ that just puts a smile on my face.

  5. Starcraft is fun, looking forward to new stuff

    I always loved protoss and humans. I never could figure out how to make zerg work for me.

    BuuuuuUUUuuuut, forget that for now, wotlk is upon us!

  6. Did you ever notice, in Warcraft 3, if you click on the death cultists one of their voice emotes is “My life for Aiur…I mean, Ner’zhul.”

  7. Well, if I didn’t suck at that game maybe I would have broken it out. Truthfully when that game came out I was getting out of video games. But then my brothers dragged me back into them by making me roll a toon on WoW.

    But maybe Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 will be good games for those lovely times the servers are down.

  8. HaHa I played Warcraft III all afternoon on Tuesday. Got all the way through vanilla WIII and was just starting in on The Frozen Throne when the servers finally came back up. Now if I can just get through today at work so I can go home and enjoy my Wrath CE I’ll be a happy hunter!

  9. You play WoW, are a linux geek, AND you pwn at Starcraft?

    You are like the perfect girl!
    Do you have any sisters?

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