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  1. Grats Pike! Glad you got to experience the awesomeness.

    Even after all this time I still think Rag is one of the most epic feeling fights in the game. Nefarion is pretty amazing as well. I’ve never really gotten that feeling with anything in BC. Something about 40 people experiencing a huge scripted boss fight.

  2. Like I give a damn about the leaf, did the Biznick’s 214×128 Accurascope schematic drop? That’s the real reason to go to Molten Core!

  3. Seriously you made me drop a tear from my eyes. What I wouldn’t give for “oldschool” EU servers, but that is just impossible it seems.

    How I love the old contents, the old bosses, the old gears and the old atnosphere of the game. Oh gosh… *starts crying again*

    Anyway… a hunter never can be what is ment to be without the Rhok’Delar and the completing of the Hunter “epic” quest. I hope, one sunny day… *burst out crying again*

  4. Very awesome. And I love old world instances. They felt more epic, you had more explanation as to why you were going there, and they were just awesome. The only current raids that even come close to that feeling are Hyjal Summit and the Black Temple.

    I still go back to the Core every once in a while. My white whale has always been the Eye of Divinity.

  5. Tooooo soooooooooooooooooooon…

    Hope you had your speakers turned up and your bass high for Rag’s first appearance. I love his intro – I go back to Molten Core every once in a while just to watch that.

  6. I hope you at least visit MC enough to get the leaf.
    Yeah, doing it at 70 isn’t exactly the same, but the epic quest to kill the demons and obtain Rhok’Delar is just something that I think all hunters should get to experience.
    They really went all out with that quest and I think it still has to be my favorite part of the hunter class.
    What else in game will have you farming lvl 19 dust devils in westfall for magic dust (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=2091) to help put the giant felhound in un’goro asleep while you beat on it’s master.
    Learning to kill the Silithus demon without curse of recklessness so you have to deal with it’s fear.
    Perfecting the jumpshot on the Winterspring guy, and kiting the burning steppes guy down the road spamming your macro that yells ‘please do not help me. if you attack the demon it despawns for 3 hours. please don’t touch it or me. tytytyty’.
    All this really made hunters feel epic. I know it definitely made me feel like I’d earned my epic.

  7. @ Rilgon – Nope, it didn’t =(

    @ Josh – Oh yeah, the intro: very epic.

    @ BlackbeardFreelance – I have long planned that when I get the leaf and do the quest I am going to be wearing nothing over level 60 gear and I am going to respec to a level 60 spec. Yeah, it’s not the same (I’ll still have the BC talent tree), but ya know.

  8. But did you kill him before the Sons??? Epic fight no matter what though. Glad you got to see him!

    When ever the chance is granted to you to go for Rhok, look up the most recent information on the demons. I know that when I did it, Klinfran the Crazed’s enrage could be countered by Scorpid String, now I think it’s Tranq Shot. Little things like that. And when in doubt, strafe-kiting works just as well 🙂

  9. Speaking of the leaf, you know… I seem to remember a screenshot I sent you of my hunter with Rhok equipped… XD

  10. Yeah pets should never tank raid bosses regardless of level. Hopefully he wasn’t too mad from the experience of being pummeled

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