Poultry in Motion

The [Choco-Bow] now belongs to yours truly and I am down to 3 Badges of Justice.

I also had to dip into my epic flyer fund to nab enough for a [Stabilized Eternium Scope]; this means I’m going to be spending all day tomorrow farming… which at first had me questioning whether the splurge was worth it or not. Well…

Tux and I headed to Shadowmoon to try it out. (Poor Tux had to get out of the stable; I’ve been using Locke for raids/instances and Eltanin for dailies.)


I know the [Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle] is sexier. I know the Choco-Bow looks like a peacock.

But this bow.



My shot rotation feels as smooth as butter.

Our DPS… our regular ol’ non-raid-buffed DPS with an owl pet and Aspect of the Viper… is over 1000.

It’s gorgeous. I’m in love. Pike/Choco-Bow OTP.

7 thoughts on “Poultry in Motion”

  1. I read that as “choco-bow” every single time.

    and I actually kind of like the peacock look…

    *only has 30 badges*

  2. I like the crossbow, it is smooth as hell, and my DPS increased, but I completely miss the sound of my gun. It was my first gun, but I hadn’t realized how much I was relying on the sound to help me recognize when to throw in that next shot. It threw me off a bit while getting used to the different speed of the choco-crossbow.

    And I love seeing other hunters with owls. Eszti runs amok with a cantankerous strigid owl and I can’t see her every with anything else — though I do have that crab still sitting in the stables…

  3. Yes, the playschool bow is great for dps, but it also makes me miss a good old standard bow. I always enjoyed a standard bow over a crossbow. It makes me feel more….huntery I guess! 🙂

  4. Depending upon things before the next expansion I’m not sure if I’ll get that or not. As my next buy is to get the badge chest piece.

  5. I’m all about the up in dps, but man, I gotta disagree with ya on that xbow. I think it is the ugliest thing to come the way of the hunter, and their are some craptastically ugly items out there. (storm Helm for example) Anyway, grats on the smooth as butter dps, way to rock out the numbers!!!

  6. I love using xbows on my hunters! My highest level hunter had the AV all the way up until she got the Mag’har Bow from a quest reward. She’s an orc, so for some reason the xbow seemed to fit her better than a flimsy bow. 🙁

    Grats on the +dps Pike. I’m sure it feels good!

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