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If you do not see your blog here and know that you have been here in the past, it means one of two things: either your blog has moved/disappeared and I don’t know where your new one (if you have a new one) is, or you haven’t updated in a couple months. I still keep tabs on you inactive guys (<3 you all!) and if you start regularly updating again, I will re-add you to the blogroll as soon as I can! Similarly, if you have simply moved your blog, pop me off an e-mail and I will get right to it.

Questions or comments? Got a new blog you think I’d like to know about? Feel free to drop me a line: pikestaff21 [at] gmail [dot] com. I can’t guarantee that I will link to everything you suggest but I will consider each link I am sent.

When it comes to the categories, please note that if you talk about hunters but you also talk about a lot of other stuff you will be added to the “General” blogroll. If you think you have a hunter slant and I haven’t noticed or something (or vise versa), please let me know and I’ll be happy to move you to the appropriate blogroll.