Wow. Part 2.

So this morning I woke up, feeling horribly sick with (yet another) flu-type-thing, and stumbled over to my computer and hit the “Next” button on my Firefox toolbar, which brings me to my unread blog entries.

BRK pops up with some of my pictures on it.

Now you’ve gotta understand, it was about 5 AM and I was sick and it took a while for me to register what I was seeing. “Oh look, BRK… oh look my pics… yawn… snore… WAITAMINUTE.”

So aside from the fact that BRK is like the WoW version of Slashdot and caused a mass flood of newcomers to my humble abode, he requested some of my UberCute WoW Character Portraits (TM).

Telling BRK that you’re not going to make him some pictures is like telling Linus Torvalds that you aren’t going to build him a Linux distribution. Not to mention, I’ve been itching to draw the BRK duo for a while. So of course I accepted the challenge:

Big Red Kitty: Bringing You Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged Pewpew Since 2006

Turned out pretty good I think. Entirely mouse-drawn in the GIMP because I currently don’t have a working scanner or one of those fancy-tablet things, so it all had to be done by mouse.

Anyways, BRK suggested to me that some other people might be interested in having their WoW characters UberCute-ified as well, and that I could possibly take commissions on them… afterall, as much as I would love to do these for free, the fact of the matter is that each one takes a good few hours to do. (BRK’s admittedly took a bit longer because I made a few different versions.)

So what I’m asking here is… if I were to charge something small like $5 or $10 to make you an UberCute version of your favorite WoW toon, would you be interested? If I get enough interest, I’ll definitely set up a PayPal button or something, and we can get the proverbial ball rolling! (And if I only get a few takers, we’ll figure something out too!)

And of course, all opinions on whether this would be a good or bad idea are welcome too.

13 thoughts on “Wow. Part 2.”

  1. I vote for NOT having that custom made cute images! They’re part of YOU and YOUR site, and even making a small concession here and allowing grand-master BRK to also have one, I sure wouldn’t like to see them widespread and you loosing one of your unique things!

    Use those hours to WoW instead and resist the urge to make some dough on the side and keep your unique look for (mostly) your own use!

  2. I would love to get that kind of image for my wife. I would be willing to pay about $10 for it. No pressure though. If you decide it’s too much hassle/dilution/whatever that’s fine too.

  3. I say do it. Esp if you realy enjoy drawing and you dont mind sinking time into it, by all means bring a little joy to others who appreceate your talent.
    If you can pick up a few extra dollars on the side why not?

  4. I’d love to have one done of my toon and my husband. Maybe even a group pic of us and some long time wow friends.

    Hope you decide to do some commisions!

  5. I’d get one. Except it would have to star a mage, as my hunter is only level 33.
    And I don’t even know if I like Snuggles the Tiger yet…

  6. I’d love to have one of these for my dwarf hunter and her beloved bear. I think they’re precious.

  7. Someone has a point; on the other hand, I can see others would like to have UberCuties too. I probably wouldn’t go for it myself, but that’s not to say I don’t like ’em–as Someone said, they’re you.

    My daughter-in-law has a Wacom tablet we gave her for Christmas a year ago, and she was showing off some of her work to us last night. If nothing else, do it to get yourself one!

  8. I agree with Kestrel and Bob: if it’s for a “good cause” like getting yourself a tablet, seeing that you like drawing so much, then by all means go for it! Just try not to widespread it too much at the expense of loosing your own “identity”… 🙂

  9. I think $10.00 is more than fair. I’m a Tauren hnter, and we all look alike.

    I do understand the concern that your “uniqueness” may be lost if this booms. I, honestly, came here from BRK’s blog as well. I’m happy I did because your site is awesome.

    It may be worth considering putting a “signature” of sorts in the image to help all that view it understand the image, made for another, is still yours…like every other artist does.

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