The Littlest Heroes

Over the last three and a half years I have sent three hunters and two druids through this portal but this is my first warlock.

Obviously the ceremonial screenshot had to happen.

I love how Tawbree is as big as Lil’ XT.

Now my favorite part about going through the Dark Portal is the hugely scary Pit Commander on the other side, because it makes me stop and go “whoa” every time. So I charged in, eager to be reunited with my big scary friend again, aaaaand he was dead. Guess that says something about the state of the Outlands these days. Good times…

9 thoughts on “The Littlest Heroes”

  1. Grats on your warlock’s transition to Outland!

    Personally, I hate HP after my fifth toon’s arrival to Outland – too much fire and demons running amok. And let’s not forget my intense dislike for that ‘squeal-ROAR’ sound coming from behind you, which indicates that a rabid Felboar has just smelled the meat on you and is coming for lunch. But that’s just me =)

    Again, grats! =D

  2. It’s much funnier going back through the other way. You enter a tower-sized portal and exit one that’s merely as large as a house.

    There’s also the possibility that they are the same size, but due to the unstable magics of the Twisting Nether present in the Outland everything is shrunk. Except the Dark Portal, of course, because it’s anchored by its counterpart on Azeroth.

    I need to track down someone on the beta and find out if the portal in Blasted Lands has been adjusted in size.

  3. Hehe, I just started running my Death Knight through HP a few days back. It’s hordeside unlike all my other toons, so no money for flying. And we all remember what that means.



  4. @ Minos – You know, I’d never really thought about that before, but you’re right…

    @ BlackDragon and Bob T. Bear – I’ll be honest with you guys: I have no intention of doing a thing in Hellfire Peninsula except grab the flight point. I hate that zone with a fiery passion.

  5. Yeh, funny thing about the Fel Reaver…. ground shakes like crazy and he/it lets out this electro-elephant sound. Yet, next thing you know… you’re getting pounded on.

  6. I still love stepping through the Dark Portal every time as well. And the scripted fighting on the other side can go wacky either way, I’ve also walked through the portal just to find that the demons had defeated the allied forces fighting them and were rushing past me up the stairs (but not attacking me, fortunately).

  7. Remember to spec or dual-spec affliction. Unless things have changed, most of the mobs in Hellfire Penninsula have a high fire resististance and/or immunity.

  8. Hehe, sounds like a plan. Leveling one myself, but I’m going Destruction, as long as I’m not in Hellfire.
    It’s a good way to let out my inner demons in a giant (hah!) pixelated explosion ^^

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