Fun Times in LFG

So, I love the new LFG. I think it’s one of the greatest things ever to hit WoW and I’m sure most of us can agree.

It has, however, led to a few interesting situations. My favorites thus far:

* Wound up in a group where everyone was speaking French. I’m not exaggerating. I couldn’t understand a word these people were saying. Oh wait, I understood one phrase. “Le boss”.

They were all from different servers, too, so it wasn’t like they’d all queued up as a group. Apparently I just managed to stumble onto the super-secret Québécois contingent of the North American WoW servers. I blame my Men Without Hats obsession.

I think they wanted to do more heroics afterward but I wasn’t sure, because I had no idea what they were talking about. So I said “thank you” and hearthed. Everyone understands “thank you” right? … hey, don’t look at me, I took Spanish in high school and Japanese in college, I have no idea how to say “thank you” in French.

I actually sent a ticket in to Blizzard asking if I’d somehow messed up my settings and was queuing up in another language without meaning to but apparently it’s a “known issue”. So. Now you know!

* Died about five seconds into Anub’arak in Azjol-Nerub (was one-shotted by the guy) and still got Gotta Go! Making it more impressive (and embarrassing)? I was the healer.

* Actually had to leave a Blackfathom Deeps group that I entered mid-run because I had no idea how to navigate the place and the group wasn’t coming back for me.

“But Pike, I thought you liked big epic sprawling instances!”

I do, when they meet at least one of the following criteria:

a.) are being led by somebody who knows where they are going
b.) are not being started in the middle with me stranded at the entrance portal
c.) are not a part of The Grand List of Instances Blizzard Designed Specifically to Annoy Pike.

The Grand List of Instances Blizzard Designed Specifically to Annoy Pike consist of the following:

Wailing Caverns
Sunken Temple
Blackfathom Deeps
Sunken Temple
Sunken Temple
Temple of Atal’Hakkar … oh wait.

(When BabyLock gets to the mid-40s, I think I’m just going to stop using LFG and quest until I hit BRD level.)

Ah, LFG. I do love thee, though.

In other news:

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  1. I had to go to Maraudon recently for some very important reason that I can’t recall…was there a world event achievement in it? Anyway, it was big and and I had never been there, so I understand you putting it on your Grand List.
    You’ve had very interesting experiences with the Dungeon Finder! I’m kind of jealous. All of mine have run smoothly, which is great, but I have no stories to tell.
    The language is crazy! Hadn’t heard about that.

  2. I’m not sure why you complain about Sunken Temple and not about Gnomeregan. Gnomer is 300X worse than ST.

  3. @ Mary Varn – I really like the aesthetics of Maraudon. But the navigation… x_x It is my favorite in the “annoying list”, though, so I will give it that!

    @ Chawa – That’s what I thought. But I didn’t want to mess up and make a fool of myself…

    @ Flaime – Because Gnomeregan is full of awesome mechanical win! =D

    @ Albyll – Awesome! /high five

  4. Gah, Sunken Temple. Its also in my big list of instances I dont want to go in unless drunk/bored/neutered. I dont really hate the instance contents or anything, I just hate that it is a maze.

    And you cant count on your minimap either! since its all stacked on floor on another, you WILL spend the next 20 mins looking for that party member that took a wrong turn and ended up who knows where.

    I will not admit to being the one that took a wrong turn.

  5. Strangely, I seem to prefer groups where everyone speaks another language. Less talk, more action, plus I suppose I’m used to it playing on Gurubashi with the high BR pop (not a bad thing). The new system is ridiculously awesome though and has made life very easy.

  6. I really like Wailing Caverns. It’s tricky to get around in I know, but it’s got a good feel to the place (except the second to last boss. He has a set of pants my Lock wanted… in 4 times killing him he never once was wearing pants… I say no more).

  7. Well, now I desire to get into one of these Quebec groups so I can go back to school and say, “Hay guise, I did random heroics with people speaking French and knew what they were saying! French with a C? I don’t think so!” I took French a couple years for F1 & F2. I’m horrible at it, for the record.

    But as Chawa said, Thank you is Merci. If this happens again, you can always try to say, “Je parle anglais. Je ne parle pas francais.” (I speak English. I do not speak French.) and as most French education is done with an English class as part of the curriculum, they should know at least /some/ English. Just a thought for the future, so you can still have conversation going on. ;D

    My priest just finally hit the 50s, so I just did a good portion of the ones you detest, including Sunken Temple & Temple of Atal’Hakkar (i c whut u did thar) and my poor Resto druid is at the WC stage. (First LFG I did with her was a very annoying WC run. Our one priest who took over healing after we lost someone REFUSED to use Renew and would use BANDAGES instead. >>) Run fast from full-mana, bandage-using healers. xD

  8. Bonjour Pike et vous remercient du groupe. Je suis heureux que vous aimiez le nouveau dispositif de recherche de groupe.

  9. Blackfathom Deeps is actually not that hard … go straight, swim across lake, climb out, do jump-and-run-part that is supposed to teach you to use the jump button, follow the road, kill giant turtle, look at mini-map for hidden room (i think east), go back to turtle, look at mini map for the other naga-infested path (beware invisibles from here on out), go straight until you get to a three-way crossing, first go straight-ish and kill the murloc, then come back and go the other way. then you are in the twilight hammer place and literally any direction you take there is a boss (even under water) … don’t forget to douse all flames to get to the final boss.

    if you keep in mind that when designing that instance blizzard actually wanted you to cross every room 2-3 times, you are far less annoyed by thinking you were wrong 😛

    (for Maraudon you only need to know it has two parts, the upper one is Y shaped (two entrances) but each path is linear, the lower one wants you to go past the dinos, up the spiral, kill landslide (loot the tank-helm, not the huntery thing), then halfway down again, kill the princess, jump into the water, kill the croco, then (!) track humanoids to find the goblin (you have a hunter with you, right?)

    BUT – can anyone explain wailing caverns to me ? That place is just a mess, with the mini-map cheating you even more than in sunken temple.

  10. St: i had a run in there a loong time ago. a 70 pally (when 70 was the cap) =) and he said he knew his way around, but ya guess what happend.

    bfd: Ive done it enough times on my druid i can go through it in my sleep lol.

    wc: pritty easy, i soloed this place a ton back in bc days 🙂 I just do the snakes first, jump down, find lady somthingorother, follow the trench and then its tricky. if u wanna go through it, ill run ya!

  11. Yeah Sunken temple is a pain, I have it down pretty well by now, Luckily I have a pocket lock with me so if someone gets lost we drop a stone and we summon them 🙂

    Sunken Temple for me is this, Looking right to left, halls are 1-4, Go through hall 3 go and clear all that level, then activate snakes in correct order, then if your healer agrees drop down and engage boss, Then go all the way back up, and you came out hall 1, now go in hall 2, go around and kill all the shield holders, after that come back up and go in hall 4, and then work your way around killing all dragonkin and then finally go in and kill undead and what not, then the dragon and maybe if someone has the hakar quest you do that as well

  12. I have seen some Spanish pugs but never French……which is too bad because I can converse ( at a toddler’s level ) in French 🙂

    I grouped with our guild raid leader last night to do some randoms. He’s a well geared Pally who can tank or heal. It was amazing. We would finish one instance and be in the queue for about 3 seconds and have another group. If he didn’t get a group right away he would switch specs and queue us up again and ‘bingo’ we would have a group. I was used to “average wait time 12 minutes” as a lone hunter 🙂

  13. Hmm, for some reason I like Sunken Temple. o.o Must have something to do with the first time I went there… ‘Twas one of my first times healing on my Druid, and the tank got locked out of a boss fight once – so it was up to me, and the DPS: priest, rogue and a mage. I was so proud when we cleared the boss without anyone dying! XD

  14. Call me crazy but the only dungeon I find annoying is Black rock Depths. The lower city upper city thing confuses the hell out of me. The closest I have ever come to completing ( the upper city?? was a LFG pug with all casters and me on my warrior tank) this was an epic looking for group as 3 DPSers and a healer decided to leave at 3 seperate times. The final group made up of 2 mages 1 warlock and a Priest and me Gnome warrior Tank extrodenair managed to knock off all the bosses except the last one. At the final boss we wiped twice and the lock pet pulled the boss while we still had trash up. It was 3am and everyone decided to call it. so none of my toons have ever completed BRD

  15. Epic post, imo. Nice catch on the Trias quest, I was crying on that one.

    And, really, please, don’t hold back. Tell us what you really think about Sunken Temple.

  16. Proud Québécois here!

    I’m a bit surprised that they would only talk in french in party chat. Most of us are bilingual (living surrounded by english speakers will do that) and when we’re with english speakers(nearly all the time) I know I speak in english or I will at least explain stuff in english.

    As for the “known issue” part I find it insulting on Blizzard part. When the game was launched we asked for a french tagged server but the answer they gave us was to go play on European servers. However playing in Europe when you live on the east coast is a nightmare for scheduling raids since your 5 hours earlier than them and the lag is horrible. So no you did not mess up your settings, Blizzard just doesn’t want to set language specific servers.

    A lot of french speakers moved to Mug’thol so it’s the closest we have to a french server. However there’s a ton of french retards too so it can be a bit depressing to be associated with them… guess no culture is retard immune.

  17. Ahh Sunken Temple! Glad I’m not the only one who cries a bit inside whenever it is mentioned. I’ve done it countless times and yet I’ve never yet even seen the final boss.

  18. lol Hasn’t “merci” been in enough movies and television show to be universal yet?!?

    Blackfathom Deeps. Yeah. Thanks Blizz. Tanked it for the first time last week after not being in there for ages. My head still spins.

  19. I think the deathwing line is a recent change, I don’t remeber it from any of the times I did that quest line

  20. Your mentioning Sunken Temple so many times cracked me up! Yes that dungeon is down right awful. When one of my guildmates said he would rather cut off an appendage rather than run that ever again… that’s pretty bad. lol

  21. Yeah, I noticed the Deathwing bit a few months ago while working on Loremaster and promptly added it to my list of the Surely This Has Been Modified For Lols List.

    Pretty funny though, and my guild thought so too. So you know it’s true. ;D

  22. If you’re as frustrated as I am by the sometime lengthy queue times, (especially when you’re not a tank,) you might find my addon useful.

    It’s called EventNotifier and you can find it on curse. I wrote it over the holiday break for the sole purpose of not missing the queue pop-up while alt-tabbed to do something more productive.

  23. @pike Next time you get a group full of Frenchies, let me know! I took 8 years of french, and would love to put it to use! 😛

  24. I got in a random last night with a “healing” Druid with no treeform (he was Balance).

    To make it worse, he was actually complaining about group dps… which of course was suffering due to, I don’t know, maybe watching our health bars, burning health pots, and activating deensive abilities in combat.

    It was the 1st group-kick I’ve seen.

  25. What about Gnomerang? I got so lost in there. I then fire nova’ed in the downramp to the boss and blew the whole freaking level down on us. Hey I am a n00b shaman! I am learning!

  26. I’m one of those people blessed with a flawless sense of floorplans, sooo in addition to being awesome at alot of old school rpgs I am one of those kind people that can actually run someone through all the dungeons in game from memory-yes that’s right all of em 😛

  27. lol’s I was in a BFD group the other day with a tank and ret pally who was french, and a warrior tank who didn’t know how to type at all. Nothing but gibberish. Tank used a one handed sword and no shield. I never saw Sunder on any mob, and he randomly pulled stuff regardless of what was going on.

    Healer was an awesome Druid, and actually avoided any wipes. Very impressed with my pet’s ability to actually tank for me. After being very careful to turn growl off (we do that in instances right?), I had to turn it back on because it was the only way to keep aggro off me and the druid. We actually had to kick the tank after he pulled another room while we were still on the murloc boss. We hung out soloing nagas on Turtle boss island while waiting on a new tank….lulz indeed

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