Hunter Pet Specs: Now On the Armory!


Even better, you can choose which of your pets you are looking at. So you can see, for example, that Wash is spec’d for 20-point Beast Mastery goodness, whereas when I last left Perezvon, he was spec’d for Marksmanship pewpew.



Pretty nifty, I think! ^_^

Feel free to visit my own Armory to try it out (and take a peek at my oh-so-versatile Cunning pets, who I also believe are spec’d 20- and 16-points respectively at the moment).

15 thoughts on “Hunter Pet Specs: Now On the Armory!”

  1. Oooh, sweet!

    Hmm, looking at mine I can see I have a couple random pets still stuck in the stable that I’m not using…hehe, I’d forgotten all about them. xD

  2. Nice feature that! 🙂 I am writing because I need some help from AotH! Was doing Naxx10 yesterday and some things came up. First of all. My dps seemed to go up and down alot depending where in Naxx we were. Varying from around 2300 to 3000 dps according to Recount. Am I doing something wrong here? And yes, I am BM specc. (Bragdash on Shadowsong EU). Secondly, Heigan. Is it possible for a Devilsaur to survive him? I was thinking not because of the hitbox issue. Needless to say my poor pet died in about 5 sec. Thirdly. I see that you don’t have survival instincts any longer. Is there a reason for that?

  3. Coolies! Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been wanting this for a long time and didn’t know it had been implemented. Now I’m off to check on all my buddies. It’s almost like I can check in on them when I’m not logged on. 🙂

  4. Sucks that it hasn’t been implemented on the eu armory. :<
    @Kate, That reminds me of a Dark legacy comic. 😛

  5. I do wonder why there has to be such a large delay between US and EU armory upgrades. Wasn’t it like this with the normal talents before?

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