Well THAT'S something I didn't think I'd see


Namely, a certain betrayer known as Illidan.

So yeah, I got into a Black Temple today. About 18 or so of us all-told, mostly level 80 though we had a sprinkling of 70 and mid-70 alts who wanted in on the gearfest.

My thoughts?

Okay, first of all, to all of you who did this at 70 and fought those four guys all lined up, what’re they called, Council? Ohmygosh. My deepest condolences.

This is how the fight goes by the way:

“OMG! He’s at 5% health!”

(one minute later)
“OMG! He’s at 4% health!”

(one minute later)
“OMG! He’s at 3% health!”

and so forth. So this fight took like 15 minutes by the way. I wanted to cry.

…but on the same token, it felt really-freaking hardcore. I think a part of it was because this run was being hosted by a pretty hardcore guild that is one of the top raiding guilds on the server and had BT on farm pre-nerf. So they were pretty serious about things on Vent and while on one hand it was somewhat off-putting to poor lil’ casual me, to hear people being critiqued pretty heavily in voicechat if they screwed up… on the other hand, for one of the first times ever it felt like I was participating in a hardcore encounter, ya know? Because I was trying very hard not to screw up so I felt like I sort of had heightened senses, so to speak. I’m somewhat infamous for taking several tries on a boss to finally “get” an encounter, but with this group, I listened well and nailed everything the first time, because I didn’t want to let them down. It was refreshing and stressful, at the same time. I don’t think I could do it full-time, though.

But yeah, I have no idea how you 70s did it. So like, this Bloodboil guy? My word. I wanted to curl up in the fetal position somewhere and never leave. You have no idea how glad I am I didn’t volunteer to bring my healer instead. I salute you all.


It was epic. Kinda short seeing as we were all overpowered for it, but epic nonetheless. Glad I got to see it.

Grats to the random level 76 rogue who won a Warglaive, by the way.

And now for something completely different! I have a “Hunter’s Guide to Naxx Bosses” all polished up and ready to go, however, I worry it may be too long. So I leave it to you lovely readers to decide: do you want the whole entire shebang in one tasty post, or would you prefer I split it up by wings or in half or something? Once I get a decent “vote” on it I’ll post it right away. /nods

18 thoughts on “Well THAT'S something I didn't think I'd see”

  1. Glad to see you experience him. It’s nothing like it was at 70, but you get the gist of the fights. Oh, Black Temple, after Naxx, I never realized how I miss thee… Hyjal, on the otherhand, can still DIADF.

  2. My guild have a BT raid lined up for tomorrow – hope we can do as good 🙂

    And broken up by wings sounds like a good idea imo

  3. Seconded on the wings idea, unless it turns out to be too short of a post then…
    Bah, leave it at wings, and if it needs to be longer, add (more) screenshots.

    @ Negathle

    I was a huge fan of Hyjal, if only because it was the first time a raid leader said to me “don’t pay attention to aggro, just deal as much damage as you can.”
    Remember when we still had to worry about aggro? Good times… I think…

  4. Grats! Still haven’t seen inside of BT myself, though my guild DID get to run Kara and a few other non-Wrath raids this weekend so I’m hopeful.

    As for your guide…. If you think it’s too long then it probably is. Just post one boss at a time and it should be all good. 🙂

  5. I’ve just stepped into my first Naxx raid, we’ve been working on it for a few days now, so a Hunter Guide To Naxx is exactly what I need!
    Will I ever live through Heigan? Probably not.

    I vote for splitting it up by quarters, I think that makes the most sense for sake of easier reference.

  6. @ Euripedes

    Hyjal was fun, for the first couple of weeks of so. Then it became tedious and boring, accented by any accidental wipe that forced us to do the encounter *again*. I drank a lot during those raids -_-.

  7. I wrote a post about what it was like healing Black Temple as a Holy Paladin a long while ago. Bloodboil was by far my least favorite fight ever. Lots of damage going around and only my pitiful flash of light to combat it while the priests and shamans lol’ed their way through it.

    Illidari Council however was and is my favorite fight in the game. I thought it was the most epic, most intense and craziest encounter I’d ever seen. The ‘superbowl of not standing in shit’ will always be the most memorable fight in my wow career.

  8. I didn’t get to see Illidan until after Wrath either. My old guild only made it cleared up to Mother, and I think it was a fluke. Never got past the Illidari Council. I’d like to get into Sunwell one of these days for a shot at that legendary bow. Not having to buy ammo for day to day routines will be sweet.

  9. Yea, a bunch of the BT bosses were pretty challenging.

    Now go do Sunwell and let us know what you think 🙂

  10. I loved Hyjal. It was the first time anyone in game ever said “But how can we do this without our Pally Tank?” Hyjal was basically what got me into a very good guild deep in the End Game when their Paladin left for AoC.

    BT at 70 was crazzzzzzy. But it was also fun. Those were some good times.

  11. GZ

    For your Naxx guide, how easy is it to navigate to a boss you want to read about? If it’s difficult I would post it wing at a time (so it’s easier to get to the one you’re after) but if it’s easy, then post the lot in one go.

    Hmm, if people are using iPhones/mobile devices to read this it might be better for them to have a wing at a time so they don’t have to load the whole lot at once (if it’s picture heavy).

    Looking forward to reading it! Did you kite gluth? My tip for that is to go PVP MODE!

  12. Who’d you run with out of curiosity? I’ve only been back to BT a couple times since hitting 80 but I’m still amazed at the difficulty difference there is to when we were doing it at 70 (Like killing Gorefiend before he can ghost more than one person now. ~_~ ).

    Council was such an annoying fight, but fun too in the ‘keeping you on your toes’ sort of way. We’d have a hunter MD the pally to make the pull so that the mage tank didn’t get initial aggro from all four of them and go splat. Half the time the hunter died on the pull. ~_~ (I think I only died a couple times when I was a bit too slow on hitting FD) Trying to keep your pet alive on that fight was pretty damn interesting at times, too.

    Bloodboil was one of my less favorite fights too since aggro was SO touchy. At 70 it involved rotation groups to get the bloodboil debuff and a fair number of tank switches. It was one of those fights that even when you had the place on farm you could pretty easily wipe to it.

    I’m still annoyed that I never did get my Cursed Vision from Illibeans. (I still want it just for, like, RPness.) >_>

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