Stop. Hammer Time!

So I finally managed to get a draenei over level ten. Now you may be imagining that I have some female draenei hunter working her way through the draenei starter area, and that would be a good guess, but sadly, it is incorrect.

See, I made a male draenei. Shake them facial appendages!

And I ran him to Elwynn Forest at level two. Yes, I’ve still yet to do a single quest on Bloodmyst Isle, with any character ever.

Oh and…


He’s a paladin. Jinkies!

His name is Tanfarr, meaning he continues my tradition of giving my Silver Hand toons a name that begins with “Ta”, and he is about a third of the way through level 18, which means he is now my highest level paladin ever– higher than that failed attempt of a blood elf paladin who I haven’t played in like a year and a half.

Something surprising about this character: he’s really fun to play. You gotta understand, no offense to you pallies, but I could never get into your class. Ever. I tried soooo many times. It was never fun for me. So what inspired me to start up once again, I have no idea, but something clicked this time and it’s been a blast. Heck, I even semi-jokingly asked my guild’s holy prot ret whatever-the-group-needs paladin if Blizz secretly made pallies fun in a recent patch, and his response was “As a matter of fact, yes they did.”

I was also surprised to find out that I could actually get into a melee class, though to be fair, I’ve noticed that more than going up and hitting things in the face, I enjoy being the one getting hit in the face, and then laughing because I am simply soaking up all the damage. Hence the fact that all my talent points so far have been dumped into the Prot tree.

Not to mention, how many level 18s can receive /thanks for buffing a level 80? Blessing of Kings for the win.

Gosh I love alts. Raiding can wait until BM is buffed up again; I’ve got old content to love <3

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  1. Death knights notwithstanding, it is my semi-professional opinion that prot paladins rank up there with beastmaster hunters as a soloing class. The more you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to pull off some pretty impressive feats of soloitude with a tankadin, just by virtue of being impossible to kill.

  2. Oh my gosh… Blessing of Kings? My lil pally has Blessing of Kings?

    *epic fail at pally*

    Pallies are my second favourite class, after hunters. I don’t know why, but I find them really satisfying to play. You’re fairly invincible, you get to run around going “VOOSH!” and “VING!” and donking people on the head with a massive weapon. And both hunters and pallies are mana classes that aren’t “casters” as such (at least, not while levelling).

  3. I’ve got a level 36 tankadin myself. He gets of pretty well, and he’s a lot of fun to just run around and grind mobs with.

    Aside from that though, I like tanking. But melee DPS is a pain if you’re tank doesnt stay still.

  4. Bloodmyst is incredibly awesome.

    You’re missing out!

    Then again, I’m missing the facial tentacles. I swear i’m the only non betentacled Draenei around!

  5. That is quit freaky cos yesterday I was toying with making a paladin, was even reading up on them on wowwiki.
    The highest paladin I’ve ever had was like 14, maybe 15, but yeh BElf.
    *goes to try draenei*

  6. I can’t seem to get into melee classes either, but I did manage to level a paladin to 70 before Wrath. Paladin-grinding is fun once you get holy shield and consecrate. My levelling record for most mobs killed at once was about 8 or 9 murlocs in Swamp of Sorrows (until runners got away from me and I got overwhelmed by MRGLGLGLGLGLGL)

  7. just to let you know that I posted my comment this morning and it’s now the afternoon and I STILL have the Hammertime song in my head
    Can’t touch this!

  8. Ya know what, I have just started leveling a pally again too – she’s level 16 now and I’m actually enjoying her! Good minds think alike eh? 😉

  9. Glad to see you are enjoying the pallies. I have been a long-time fan of the class until I switched to… a hunter 🙂 My highest ever pally was level 34ish or so, and it was an OK toon. I think I will need to re-visit the class, since apparently pallies are fun to play again!

  10. No. No. No. Return to Bloodmyst immediately! If not sooner.

    The whole point of rolling a Draenei is for the Bloodmyst storyline. Sheesh.

  11. Er… I had a male draenei prot pally. I, uh, kinda forked out the 15 US to change that. Since then, I’ve respec’d sooooo many times… I think it goes holy->prot->holy->ret->holy->prot->ret->holy->ret…
    Holy is highest DPS from 40-59… Holy Shock > Crusader Strike… and healadins are really hard to kill. Also, really popular in groups. Ret…
    Well, if you ever go ret, DON’T get seal of command. Seal of Righteousness is better, unfortunately.

    Also, bloodmyst pwns. As does the free tabard.

  12. I’ve done all the Alliance starting areas more than once and the Draenei starting area rocks. Best designed Alliance starting area. Where by best I mean most fun and with the most original and unique quests. I mean, you get to take down an elite dragon about level 20, how cool is that. You also get a tabard for finishing a certain quest. I guess the best way to describe it is that is has an epic feel to it compared to the rest.

  13. I like Draenei males. Those tentacles remind me of D’Argo in Farscape, only blue. My female Draenei shammy, I eventually had to delete at about level 30… I just couldn’t stand her squealing whenever she got hit!

  14. I’ll go with Dave, it’s worth doing every single quest in Bloodmyst and Azuremyst just to lead up to That Quest That Gives The Tabard because it will make you beam with joy. For a fortnight.

    It is true!

  15. I would really encourage you to level up through the Draenei starting area.

    For one, you never did it before so will be an interesting experience.

    For two, vendors, trainers, and quest hubs are much better placed for easier play.

    For three, mr pike said he’d buy you a box of chocolates if you did the space goat starting areas (he didn’t actually, but I needed a third).

  16. I second the “level on Bloodmyst” sentiments. If I could level Hordies there, I would never spend levels 10-20 anywhere else. The quests are awesome fun, really engaging and suck you into the story, and there’s a certain chain with a tabard reward that is probably my favorite quest chain in the game until the 50s and 60s.

    I’m convinced my inability to level an Alliance alt is because everything is just so darned disappointing after Bloodmyst.

  17. Replying to Dave. who seems to have an alliance fixation, the Draenei starting area is the best starting area of either faction. Yes, I have done them all. I don’t have a problem with the Blood Elf starting area, but Bloodmyst is still the best.

    In fact the Bloodmyst quest line may very well be the best in the game. Even including Ebon Hold.

    I’ll buy the chocolates.

  18. Everything’s better on Bloodmyst Isle! I’m not joking, you need to do that whole pair of zones, start to finish. It is without qualification the best 1-20 in the game, and the most fun before Outlands.

  19. @Morane – Aggggh. I’ve been outed! Never been accused of having a fixation before. Of course in rereading what I wrote it’s easy to see why. I’m glad to hear from someone who’s done the BE starting area. I’ve always wondered if that would be as good, since it was designed at the same time and presumably with the same goals in mind.

    @ Mister Adequate – Do you work for the Bloodmyst Isle Tourism Board?

    Also the quest where you have to ride an Elekk all over the place is great. Just the opportunity to get on a mount for a few minutes well before lvl 30 was a whole lot of fun. Like driving a Hummer.

  20. You have the comment “Hammer Time” and it’s not related to an orc!?!?! Terrible, just terrible! They do the MC Hammer dance (and they can be hunters ^_~)

  21. Actually, I prefer going the Elwynn Forest way as well. It’s like coming home; to my very first characters. I nearly always go Elwynn or Dun Morogh.

    The space goat quests are fun, but I find they have dragged everytime I’ve done them since the first time. I did them at BC launch and raved about how awesome they are; I went back months later and was a bit “Meh” about it all.

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