Forget Demon Hunters, You Know What Class I Want to See?


fanart-1243-fullSpellbreakers.  Do you guys see this?  You know what these guys do?  They’re warrior-mages and they interrupt and steal spells.  What if you could be, like… a mail-wearing melee mage who steals spells off of other people and then turns those spells against others?

That’s what I want to be.  That is 100% a class I would play.

Oh sure, I’ll probably make a Demon Hunter, the same way I made a Death Knight (that I stopped playing at level 58) and the same way I made a monk (that I stopped playing at level 7 or something).

But spellbreakers, guys.

Just… spellbreakers.

SpellbreakerWC3Oh and P.S. they also have the best quotes in Warcraft 3.  “Reincarnate.. man!  That’ll get you life!