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Dailies Pay

Aside from things like gold, and rep, there are all sorts of fun shinies to be had. Such as…

Pengu, the cutest minipet ever, who has happily decided to satiate my inner Linux geek. All hail the penguin! He comes from being exalted with the Kalu’ak.

Oh and…


[Reins of the White Polar Bear], which I got after completing a daily quest for the Brunnhildar in Storm Peaks today. It is apparently a random rare drop from the bags of Hyldnir Spoils which you get for doing their quests. The funny thing is, while I’d heard about the Polar Bear at some point, I’d mostly forgotten about it; I was doing the quests cause I liked them better than most of the Sons of Hodir ones to the east. So I was very pleasantly surprised indeed to open up my bag and find a bear inside! He is smaller than all other bear mounts (whether intentionally or unintentionally) but I kind of like him that way. It’s cute. And goes with my minipet.

Now I just have to finish getting Exalted with Wyrmrest for my Red Drake. I’m already about 35% through Revered and Heroics give you rep at a ridiculous clip if you’ve got the Tabard, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer. Then, my little cycle of shinies will be complete (for now) and I can start working on, you know, rep for gear and other less important stuff. >.>