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So Much To Do, So Little Time

I keep seeing people talking about WoD’s lack of content.

And all I can think is, “Man… I wish the expac I’m playing had this lack of content!”

I haven’t enjoyed WoW endgame this much since WotLK.  Nor have I been so busy.  Here’s a little look at what I’m busy doing:

  • Pet battles and pet leveling
  • Archaeology leveling
  • Fishing leveling
  • Garrison upgrades
  • Follower upgrades
  • Messing around on the auction house
  • Mount farming
  • Pet farming
  • Apexis Crystal farming
  • Loremaster achievements
  • Reputation achievements
  • Various other achievements (like the SELFIE one)
  • Getting all the music scrolls
  • Dungeons
  • Daily quests
  • Darkmoon Faire/holiday stuff
  • PvP (when I’m feeling masochistic)
  • Probably raids, eventually, when I feel comfortable with my gear

There is not nearly enough time in the day for all the crap I wanna do.  Every night I log out sadly because I want to keep playing.

So yeah, I’ll trade all you “no content” folks!  Seriously!  I want to have time for other video games again!

Edit: I do want to clarify that I do understand where the complaints are coming from.  I’m lucky in that I play WoW because it’s a great “alt-tab” game between bouts of writing.  But if I was big into raiding again I’d probably play another MMO.