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From Plate to Cloth: Changing Classes (Guest Post by Mr. Pike!)

Hello there everyone, today’s Aspect of the Hare is brought to you by Weyland-Yutani, Proud Sponsors of Going Fast! Also it’s guest written by Mr. Pike, aka Mister Adequate, who gracefully, benificently, most magnanimously stepped in to provide content when Pike was busy having a long day at work.

Today I’d like to tell a story. When I was a young Master Adequate, naive and filled with dreams of being useful in instances, I mained a warrior. I did this for a long, long time. I liked being a warrior in WoW, just charge up to things and smack them in the face with a huge warhammer. It was simple, it worked, and I could hide behind my armor and shield if needed. Oh, I occasionally dabbled in other classes, of course, but aside from a long-lived hunter none of them ever pulled me away from being a warrior for long. I was a warrior the way Pike is a hunter – dedicated and single-minded.

Then, just to mess around and do Super Serious RP, I rolled a Blood Elf. A Belf Mage at that. Two years later, I’m still playing her every day and she is absolutely my main. It just feels so good to get mad deeps and be able to blame the tank if I get hurt. At heart, the great thing about being a mage is that you feel powerful. I’m a squishy clothy, sure, but I have all kinds of magical armor and Blink and invisibility and other things to get me out of trouble. Best of all I’ve made a macro that pops every support skill and item I’ve got, so I grow two feet taller, get about four different glows around me, and double my DPS for a short while. It feels great!

He thinks he can arcane magic. How adorable. I'll show him arcane magic!
He thinks he can arcane magic. How adorable. I’ll show him arcane magic!

But a few years ago, if you’d have told me I’d be maining a mage and loving it, I’d have scoffed heartily at your presumption.

Has anyone else ever had a dramatic and unexpected class change? Did you actually try to change, or was it just something that happened? Or are you one of those weirdos who plays multiple classes as a matter of course?