So this #wowconfessions hashtag was making the rounds on Twitter for a bit this morning.  My two token contributions were:

  • I still get lost in the Exodar and have to hearthstone out


  • In all my time spent playing this game, I have only ever leveled two classes to max.  (One druid and three different hunters.)

Honestly I could probably think of more confessions, given a bit of time.  But those were my two big ones.

What are your WoW Confessions?  Confess them to me, my child.  Then go, and sin no more.

3 thoughts on “#wowconfessions”

  1. Confession: I’d rather spend more time playing alts than actually playing one of the max level characters I do have.

    Confession: I have a Warglaive in my hunter’s bank on the off chance Survival will be allowed to wield them next expansion.

    Confession: I don’t actually like using heirloom armor on new characters, instead just using the weapons.

  2. Confession: I’ll tank low level dungeons, but not Wailing Caverns. I still get lost.

    Confession: I’ve never gotten a druid higher than level 25.

    Confession: I’m alliance at heart, but I’ve rolled a billion blood elves just because of that starting zone.

  3. I still don’t know my way around BRD and I’ve been playing since BC.

    I made Sulfuras on my hunter during Wrath, for no good reason that I can think of.

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