What Am I Doing This Weekend?

Two Words: Double bounties. In Diablo 3.  Yes, yes this is what I am going to grind.

…okay, I might play some other games too.

WoW News

It’s pet battle bonus exp week and I find that to be an immensely fun event.  See, if you’re leveling on an alt, and do a pet battle with appropriately leveled pets for the zone that you’re in, you get loads of experience for your alt.  That happens at all times, not just during the pet battle bonus week, but with the bonus week it showers a ridiculous amount of experience on your pets, as well.

It’s funny because I don’t really consider myself to be huge into the pet battling game, but I’ve wound up with like two dozen max level pets just via dailies and messing around.  Go figure.

Other Game News

I’ve discovered a fun game called Grim Dawn, which is a Diablo-clone because apparently I need more Diablo in my life.  I’ll probably write up more on this game next time I do a Good Games That Are Good column.

My FFXIV free month appears to have expired, so that’s probably that for now.  Nothing wrong with the game; I just found it difficult to get into after the first couple of weeks.

Okay, time for games!

2 thoughts on “What Am I Doing This Weekend?”

  1. Have you ever tried Path of Exile? It’s kind of like Diablo but with a completely different approach on the passive tree and gearing up progress. Would love to read your impressions on it. It’s F2p BTW.

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