To Talk Or Not To Talk

People sure are quiet in my MMOs lately.  I just hopped out of a Timewalking dungeon where no one said a word the entire time.  (Actually wait, I think someone said “skip” because we skipped the optional boss.  So, one word.)

FFXIV isn’t much of an improvement.  All I’ve heard out of anyone so far is gold selling spam.

Maybe it’s because both of those games have been out for a while and are nice and streamlined.  Project Gorgon, by contrast, is really chatty anytime I’m in there.

The thing is, I’m not sure if I care terribly.  I kinda like just popping in and then popping right back out.  Doing my own thing.  It’s one of the big reasons I like garrisons so  much.  It’s just my own thing, ya know?

But hey, maybe a “hi” would be nice every so often…

5 thoughts on “To Talk Or Not To Talk”

  1. I don’t mind some solitude while playing a game either. Especially when it’s a choice between quiet and people trying to talk politics or other nonsense in trade chat. I do, however, like to see chatter in guild chat. Even if it’s just a friendly greeting and asking how you are or what you’re up to.

  2. LFD groups really go either way. Usually it’s a no nonsense group where the only words are “this way” and “get back” (Timewalking) or there’s someone chatty in the group and there’s a nice little chat for the duration.

  3. The world is certainly lonely these days. I tried joining a couple guilds in this most recent expansion, just because I hadn’t been in a real guild (with progression) since Wrath, but I feel as if the community on my server is just awful at times. The latest guild I had joined killed any hope I had for the game. I played the game as an outlet, to relax and enjoy myself, not to hear 10+ guys go on about how they thought a poor girl on Twitch was “ugly.” = /

  4. People are talkative in FFXIV…just not in general chat. My Free Company (guild) is quite active so it always has something going on, and then there’s Linkshells…

    After that is tells.

    People prefer more intimate interactions – you rarely see people do more than emote in chat. And, shouts are saved for rez requests and Hunt locations.

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