Holiday Stuff n’ Things

Between Brewfest, Harvest Festival, and this Pirate Thing, it’s a busy time to be in game.  So many holiday events!  So many achievements!  So many little items and toys and costumes and junk!

It got me thinking: do you care much about the holiday stuff in online games like WoW?  For me, it usually comes down to badly I want the title or associated little toys and stuff.  For example, I recently did the whole Fire Festival brouhaha just so I could give my baby mage the “Flame Keeper” title.  Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

What about you guys?  How do you like your holidays in your MMOs?

One thought on “Holiday Stuff n’ Things”

  1. I like specific things about them, but in the overall, I really don’t care. The UC/Silvermoon Brewfest music is fantastic, the decorations for most of the holidays are great, Pilgrim’s Bounty gets the spirit of Thanksgiving just right…there are some other things I could list if I thought about it a bit more probably, but really, I’d be happy if the holidays just consisted of decorative changes and a handful of very easy, inconsequential activities simply to acknowledge the holidays are going on irl, and celebrate the spirit of them.

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